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German Doodle Alternative 2024 free of charge GDPR compliant

Richard Gödel
CTO @ meetergo
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Teams, freelancers and companies are constantly faced with the same challenge: What is the quickest way to find a suitable appointment for several team members or employees? The classic tool for finding appointments is Doodle - but the survey tool is not 100% GDPR-compliant. And data security is an enormously important issue, especially for internal company data or personal data.

What is Doodle?

A doodle list is a type of planner that allows organizing and arranging appointments and events. It is a useful tool, especially when it comes to coordinating the schedule of several people. A doodle replacement is another type of scheduling tool that has similar functions to a doodle list. It can be used to schedule and coordinate appointments and events.

But what exactly is Doodle? Doodle is an online platform that allows you to create polls and schedule appointments and events. It was originally developed to check people's availability for meetings and events, but it has evolved into a versatile tool that can also be used for planning vacations, parties and other events. With Doodle, users can easily create a list of options and check people's availability to find the best time for everyone.

What is a Find Appointment Tool?

An "appointment finding tool" is an indispensable tool in today's fast-paced world, where coordinating appointments is often a challenge. These tools allow users to quickly and efficiently find a common appointment that suits everyone. They provide a centralized platform where users can propose and coordinate different appointments, greatly simplifying the appointment-making process. Whether it's business meetings, social events, or family gatherings, a scheduling tool can make planning much easier and save time.

Doodle no longer works

Since the latest update of the Doodle app, numerous users have been complaining about the poor performance. The app has a 1-star rating in the App and Play Store and users report numerous errors and loss of functionality. The best solution is to look for a GDPR compliant alternative for Doodle.

What does secure appointment setting look like with multiple people?

An alternative to Doodle with a German server and DSGVO compliance provides the answer to this question. The functions of the free German alternative to Doodle from meetergo offer you much more than surveys and scheduling. What are the alternatives to the well-known but not secure Doodle polling tool? How do they differ? And how a scheduling tool optimizes team-internal processes, you will learn in the following article.

Functions Doodle meetergo
Calendar synchronization ✔️ ✔️
Email reminder ✔️ ✔️
Personalized branding ✔️ ✔️
Appointment via survey ✔️ ✔️
Appointment via link ✔️ ✔️
Set availabilities ✔️ ✔️
Vacation and sick days ✔️ ✔️
Postponements ✔️ ✔️
Automated emails ✔️ ✔️
Time zone synchronization ✔️ ✔️
Filters and categories ✔️ ✔️
Integration of digital tools ✔️ ✔️
Save time and costs ✔️ ✔️
Buffer times ✔️ ✔️
Integrated, DSGVO-compliant video platform ✔️
GDPR compliant ✔️
German support ✔️
German server ✔️
Sustainable corporate governance ✔️
Suitable for B2B companies ✔️
Suitable for lead generation ✔️

The issue with Doodle and GDPR compliance

Digital voting tools have been a popular option for several years. Quickly and easily find dates, vote on ideas, or make a selection from various options. Email correspondence with several people is time-consuming and quickly becomes confusing when there are more than three team members.

Deine DSGVO-konforme Alternative zu Doodle von meetergo schützt teaminterne Daten

Create a poll with the online tool Doodle and send it to your colleagues. The event for the meeting, the Christmas party or the initial consultation is quickly found. A colleague asks the crucial question: Is Doodle even compliant with the GDPR? From a data protection perspective, this can be a real problem.

Forwarding of personal data

Users and participants do not have to register with the Doodle survey tool to take part in a survey. Personal data is collected during use even without registration. For example, names of participants, e-mail addresses or other sensitive information. If this information is requested internally within a team or company during planning, this falls under the scope of the GDPR. And this is where the problem arises when using Doodle.

Storage of the data points

The personal data is stored by the company or the planner. Personal data is also automatically uploaded to the servers of Doodle AG. This is a storage of personal data by third parties (e.g. e-mail address).  

Server location

Doodle's servers are partly located outside Europe. According to the law, a commission processing contract is necessary. Many companies and users of Doodle are not aware of this and do not set up such a contract. This can quickly lead to data breaches and thus to a real problem.

No access protection to surveys

As quickly as the link to the Doodle survey is created, it can also be forwarded easily. This can of course be practical in some cases for online polls, but also poses a data protection problem. Forwarding allows third parties (whether intentionally or accidentally) to participate in the setup or scheduling process. If projects, concepts or data are exchanged internally within teams via Doodle, a real data protection incident exists if third parties gain access. In addition, the lack of access protection could influence and falsify survey results.

Protection in other tariffs of the app

These privacy issues are not only present in the free version of online surveys from Doodle, but also appear in the premium version. The Doodle survey tool uses several tracking tools, some of which access user data anonymously and transfer it to the USA.

Non-transparent placement of advertising

Google ads are displayed on Doodle surveys. Not that the many ads are enough, participants see ads matching the content of the online surveys. Whether the IP addresses, email address, data or other information about the participants are stored is not clear.

This non-transparent placement of Google advertising should make any company or team that has already worked with the survey tool Doodle, bright ears. With your alternative to Doodle from meetergo, the privacy of your team members is in the foreground.

To schedule or vote on something in a GDPR compliant way, you have several alternatives to Doodle.

Digital voting tools for teams as Doodle alternatives

As we have pointed out, Doodle is a practical tool for finding appointments and conducting surveys, but there is a considerable lack of compliance with the GDPR. Especially in internal company communication, data security should play a major role.

Mit deiner Alternative zu Doodle von meetergo Umfragen erstellen

This aspect has been addressed by alternatives to Doodle to offer companies and teams the possibility to schedule in a DSGVO-compliant way and still quickly.

Other alternatives to the polling tool Doodle are:

  • VOAT
  • meetergo
  • fragab
  • plan it easy
  • culibri
  • Calendly
  • Looping
  • TerminO
  • Letsfind

Dudle of the TU Dresden

Even though the name of the Doodle App Alternative might seem like a misspelling of the Swiss company Doodle at first glance, Dudle is an independent survey tool of the Dresden University of Technology. Surveys can be created free of charge via the TU Dresden website and do not require registration on the part of the author or participants. After two months, polls for scheduling are automatically deleted if no one has accessed the poll in the meantime.

Dresden University of Technology, or TU Dresden for short, is known for its excellent educational and research opportunities. Recently, however, it has also attracted attention for its use of the DFN-Terminplaner. The DFN-Terminplaner is an online tool for planning meetings and events that was developed specifically for use in educational and research institutions. With its help, TU Dresden can efficiently organize and manage its internal and external appointments. By using the DFN Appointment Planner, TU Dresden can optimize its processes and ensure that everyone involved is always up to date. This once again underscores TU Dresden's commitment to innovation and efficiency in all aspects of its work.

Special function

A special feature of Dudle's alternative to Doodle is that participants can also take part in online surveys anonymously. For example, the survey tool can be used to quickly obtain an opinion about a project or a concept. In addition, the tool is extremely data-saving and no more personal data is stored in online surveys than is absolutely necessary. Completely free of advertising and with end-to-end encryption, Dudle's alternative to Doodle is a worthy alternative.

Disadvantages of the app

One drawback, however, is that the website is not very visually appealing and its functions are limited to surveys and finding appointments.

DFN appointment planner "Foodle" and appointment planner from IT.NRW

Both platforms are identically structured and offer a free online survey tool for voting on appointments. While the alternative of the Doodle app is provided by IT.NRW, the DFN Appointment Planner is operated by the Verein zur Förderung eines Deutschen Forschungsnetzes e.V.. Both platforms are data-saving and comparable to the TU Dresden's alternative to Doodle, Dudle. Personal data is deleted after the facility expires or after the time slot has been found, and the tool runs both ad-free and tracking-free.

nuudel - non-saving appointment tool

If the name nuudel makes you smile, you're not alone. The alternative to Doodle, which itself advertises that it does not store any personal data, was developed by the German association digitalcourage. The association is committed to data protection in Germany, which makes it clear that DSGVO is capitalized on at nuudel.

No registration is required to use the alternative to Doodle from nuudel. The platform's functions are limited to scheduling with a specific date or surveys with self-selected answer options. For the extra portion of security, surveys can optionally be additionally protected with a password, so that only those who have been given the password have access to the survey.

The design is a bit more modern than the aforementioned Doodle alternatives, but the website's look is not as creative as the name suggests.

Fragab app

There are numerous providers of online tools that offer Doodle or similar in the scope of functions and thus provide a practical solution for organizing online meetings. One such source is the Fragab app for Android, for example, which stands out for its user-friendly interface and wide range of functions. With this app, users can easily make appointments and create polls, similar to Doodle.

Diverse surveys at Lamapoll

Lamapoll's alternative to Doodle comes with countless options to create a poll and evaluate it directly on the site. Lamapoll takes its users by the hand when creating the survey and offers them ready-made templates and samples for a wide variety of users. Thus, the alternative to Doodle Lamapoll has specific samples for educational institutions, event planning and catering, employee and customer surveys, as well as citizen surveys and opinion polls.

Limited use free of charge

The alternative to Doodle Lamapoll is available for free in a limited form and in different packages at different prices. Features that do not relate to surveys are not offered by Lamapoll.

The all-rounder from meetergo

Unlike the survey tools already mentioned, meetergo offers much more than just the creation of surveys and appointment requests. The search for an upgrade is now over. As an online appointment scheduler for project managers, freelancers and teams, you can use meetergo to arrange appointments with clients and partners with just a few clicks. Instead of constantly sending emails back and forth to find a suitable time, you simply send a link to your personal booking page in professional corporate design, where your customers, team members or partners can choose a time. Connected to your Google or Microsoft calendars, the event is automatically transferred to your calendar.

The free Doodle alternative from meetergo allows you to use the online service to send surveys for free, just like Doodle WhatsApp. Setting up Doodle is easy, but meetergo is even simpler.

As an online appointment calendar for teams, the features are optimized for team use. With meetergo, you can create online surveys for the best date with your colleagues and employees in just a few minutes. By hosting your Calendly alternative on a German server, all data is processed in compliance with DSGVO. This way, you can always be sure that you or your company will not encounter any data protection problems when finding appointments via surveys.

Your scheduling setup is sent directly to your team members online via the free scheduler. After they have entered available times or their favorite appointment, matches are filtered out and a suitable appointment is transferred directly to the appointment calendar. You can keep your appointments locally or digitally via the Zoom alternative meetergo connect and discuss projects, concepts and team- or company-internal matters in full compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO).

All this is available not only on your desktop, but also as a browser extension and on your mobile device. The alternative to Doodle from meetergo combines several online tools in one online appointment booking software and is therefore a real all-rounder and alternative to Doodle. The automated appointment booking in combination with the survey tool saves you time and allows you to focus on your projects in the team, as a project manager, freelancer or self-employed.

With meetergo, you experience the perfect alternative to the world-famous online scheduler. With meetergo, you can limit the number of participants in your online surveys and conduct them over several days. The simple and intuitive question guide allows you to get started even without prior knowledge. In addition, translation into English and German is available for a pleasant experience. Try meetergo now and experience the benefits of a DSGVO-compliant Doodle alternative.

Optimize your team-internal processes with the alternative to Doodle from meetergo

Arrangements, scheduling and communication take up a lot of time and space in project phases and internal team collaboration. If you add up the time team members spend trying to find an appointment, it adds up to a lot of hours and, consequently, working time. Converted into hourly wages for teammates, communication becomes increasingly inefficient. The free alternative to Doodle from meetergo provides a remedy here.

An online vote or online elections can also be organized via meetergo. With this function, you can hold an online election and your team members can then simply vote online with the tool to determine which date is best for them.

With automated scheduling, you and your team members no longer waste time emailing to discuss a suitable appointment. In just a few minutes, the survey is created and sent to everyone on the team. A suitable appointment is automatically entered into everyone's synchronized calendar. Thanks to timely notifications before the upcoming meeting, no appointment is missed and everyone is well prepared. Thanks to the practical filter function in the online appointment calendar for teams, everyone can also see whether the team members currently have capacity for a meeting or whether the planning should be adjusted accordingly.

Both internal team communication and communication with customers are optimized with the alternative to Doodle from meetergo. This way, you and your team save time on organizational matters and thus money. Your processes are productively adapted to your individual workflow by using the survey tool and other useful functions, thus promoting your business and achieving more success.


1. what are some good doodle alternatives for creating surveys?

There are many online tools that can serve as alternatives to Doodle for creating surveys. Some of the most popular ones are SurveyMonkey, Google Forms and Typeform.

2. how can I create a doodle poll?

Creating a Doodle survey is simple and straightforward. You just need to create an account, enter the details of your poll and then send the link to the participants.

3. are there online tools that offer similar functions to Doodle?

Yes, there are many online tools that offer similar features to Doodle. Some of these tools are meetergo, Fragab and DFN Appointment Planner.

4. what are the advantages of using doodle alternatives?

Using Doodle alternatives can offer several benefits, depending on the specific features of each tool. Some possible benefits include enhanced functionality, better customization options, and improved privacy practices.

5. how can I integrate a doodle survey into my marketing automation?

Integrating a Doodle survey into your marketing automation can be done in a number of ways, depending on the specific tools and platforms you use. Some possibilities could be embedding the survey in email campaigns or linking the survey to your CRM system.

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