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The powerful emlen alternative - meetergo

Richard Gödel
CTO @ meetergo
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The sales cycle is a critical factor in a company's success, and shortening the sales cycle can both increase efficiency and boost revenue. One way to accelerate the sales cycle is to use modern technologies and tools such as meetergo and emlen.

Modern tools - meetergo & emlen

meetergo is a powerful tool that allows a company's sales teams to spend more time on the sale itself, accelerating the sales cycle. It also offers the function of creating joint action plans (MAP) and executing them autonomously, so that deals can be closed faster and contact with internal stakeholders is not lost.

In addition, meetergo offers automation of appointment scheduling and meeting organization. With meetergo, sales teams can schedule their appointments faster without having to constantly wait for responses from prospects. The tool automates the appointment scheduling process by offering prospects multiple appointment options and automatically selecting the most appropriate time.

emlen is another powerful tool that helps sales teams optimize their communication and better understand the customer. It offers the possibility to format all resources such as PDF files, sales documents, price lists, etc. into one document and then send it to the customers after the demo call.

Then, based on the analysis emlen performs, the company can see how long the customer has been on each PDF page and document, allowing sales teams to better adapt to customers from the very first steps. In this way, sales teams can improve communication, increase close rates, and shorten the sales cycle.

Overall, by using tools like meetergo and emlen, companies can effectively shorten the sales cycle by automating their scheduling, optimizing their communication, and better understanding the customer. Improved efficiency and shorter sales cycle times can ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue. But which of these tools is better for their business? That's what we're exploring in today's blog.

The different functions of the tools

Each tool has its own features and pricing, but not every tool offers all the important features, which can be a big disadvantage for companies. meetergo, however, has a clear advantage here as it offers the most used and requested features such as joint action plans, where you can involve internal stakeholders and quickly and easily determine the next phase tasks to close the best deals as quickly as possible. In addition, analytics allow distributors to see how long it took the customer to complete each phase, so the focus can be on the most important deals.

With emlen, on the other hand, the focus is only on one function specifically to have all important resources stored in one place and, in the case of sales asset analysis, to see how long the customer was on the particular PDF page and document. This can help companies better tailor sales materials to customers. Single use costs €99/month with emlen whereas with meetergo it is free. We have summarized all the requirements in a table to better illustrate the difference between the two tools:

meetergo emlen
Mutual Action Plan ✔️
Stakeholder management ✔️
GDPR compliant ✔️ ✔️
Qualification SPICED etc.) ✔️
Deal summary ✔️
Resources ✔️ ✔️
Magic Link Sharing ✔️ ✔️
Personalized CI ✔️ ✔️
Internal stakeholders ✔️
Integrated appointment booking ✔️
Comment function ✔️
E-mail notifications ✔️
Playbook Templates ✔️
Bi Directional CRM Sync ✔️
Activity Feed ✔️ ✔️
Deadline & Risk Analysis ✔️
Content Peformance Analysis ✔️ ✔️
Deal Dashboard ✔️ ✔️
Progress Knives ✔️
External document uploader ✔️
Synchronized data fields ✔️
Contract Signing ✔️ ✔️
Live chat ✔️ ✔️
Slack Integration ✔️
emlen alternatives comparison

Mutual Action Plan

Mutual Action Plans (MAPs), offered exclusively by meetergo, are highly beneficial in B2B companies as they optimize the sales cycle and enable closer collaboration between sales teams and potential customers. They increase transparency in the sales process by establishing clear milestones, responsibilities and timeframes for both parties, which increases trust and speeds up decision-making. This leads to a shortening of the sales cycle.

MAPs also support improved alignment between customer needs and the solutions offered. By involving customers in the process, companies can better match their offerings to requirements and ensure that they offer real added value. This increases the likelihood of a successful sale and long-term customer retention.

Finally, MAPs also promote better communication and organization within sales teams. Since everyone involved is informed about the common goals and progress in the sales process, resources can be used more efficiently and internal processes optimized. This also helps to shorten the sales cycle and improves overall sales efficiency.

Deal summary

A deal summary is an essential part of the sales cycle as it provides both the sales team and the potential customer with a clear overview of the most important aspects of the deal. It facilitates communication and understanding of expectations, which contributes to more efficient decision making.

By highlighting the key points of the offer, such as products or services, pricing, contract terms, and customer benefits, the deal summary focuses the discussion and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings. This enables sales teams to negotiate more effectively and shorten the sales cycle.

In addition, a well-structured deal summary strengthens trust and the relationship between seller and buyer. When potential customers clearly see that their needs have been understood and taken into account, they are more inclined to choose the offer and continue the business relationship.

Internal stakeholders

Internal stakeholders play a critical role in optimizing sales cycles, as their collaboration and support improve sales efficiency and customer satisfaction. Involving various stakeholders, such as product managers, engineers, and executives, promotes a comprehensive understanding of the products or services and enables the sales team to provide tailored solutions.

Collaboration with internal stakeholders also helps identify and resolve potential customer issues. Expertise from different departments helps the sales team respond more quickly and effectively to customer inquiries. This not only promotes the sales process, but also strengthens customer loyalty.

In addition, the involvement of internal stakeholders enables better resource allocation and more effective decision-making. Through their insights and experience, processes can be optimized, priorities set, and innovative solutions developed. All of this helps to accelerate the sales cycle and increase the likelihood of closing a deal.


In conclusion, meetergo is the right choice for companies that need a powerful software that combines all functions in one tool, such as MAP and its own DSGVO-compliant appointment booking. Whereas emlen is interesting for companies that also want to use these functions, while meetergo offers the same and this even cheaper. With both tools, better deals and better sales are guaranteed. Accelerating sales cycles is beneficial because it increases business efficiency and revenue. Sales teams can engage more customers in less time and increase customer satisfaction by responding quickly. It also promotes customer loyalty and enables sales teams to use their resources more effectively and explore new business opportunities.

Imagine Calendly + Typeform had a Baby
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