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Appointment calendar for teams

Dominik Rapacki
CEO @meetergo
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Are you looking for a solution to communicate easily with your team and work together productively on projects? Tired of constantly sending emails or messages back and forth until the right appointment is found? The solution is simple: an online calendar for teams. You want to know how the simple implementation of an online calendar for teams can productively boost your work flow? Then stay tuned now and find out how you can successfully optimize the work in your team.

When it comes to working in a team, tact and interpersonal skills are often required. Many different characters work together on a project. Everyone ticks differently and has different personal as well as company-internal goals in mind. Communication is the key to successfully completing tasks and realizing projects together. But especially with teams whose members work both remotely and in-house, communicating with each other can be a real challenge. Everyone has their own schedule, so finding appointments seems almost impossible. That's history with meetergo's online appointment calendar for teams. Everyone in the team knows at a glance what is due and when, so that appointments for meetings can be found in no time at all. Every team member keeps track of upcoming projects, to-do's and upcoming meetings. Your productivity and therefore the quality of your teamwork increases due to the structured processes. Individually, you can use the functions of different online diaries to promote your team.

Online calendar features that boost your team's productivity

Online calendars for teams offer you many advantages in planning projects and work processes. The most obvious is the function to synchronize digital calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendar. All private events, appointments and holidays are automatically transferred and nothing has to be transferred manually. When a new appointment is added, it is automatically transferred to your online team calendar. This way you can make sure that everyone has time on the date you set together and that no other private or professional event is pending.

The function of synchronization with all calendars also means that you don't have to use several platforms to find appointments, but that all professional communication takes place via one platform. To ensure that private and professional matters are strictly separated from one another, you can individually set the filter criteria according to which the team members' appointments are displayed. For example, times when private appointments are scheduled are automatically blocked and not displayed in detail. If your team members do not live in the same time zone as you, this is no problem with an online calendar. You no longer have to calculate between the time zones, but everything is displayed adapted to your time zones.

Time restrictions help you to precisely define working hours and thus structure your daily work routine in the team. With your free online scheduler for teams, such as meetergo, you have the option to completely block certain time periods for meetings. This way, you can concentrate completely on your task and won't be thrown off track by a meeting or a call from your teammates. Especially for large projects that are realized together, this is a suitable way to set personal deadlines and actively work on the completion.

It also makes sense to use this diary directly for optimizing the sales funnel.

Larger projects in particular benefit from an online schedule for teams, as agreements and communication within the team are essential for successful completion. Together, you can use polling tools such as Doodle or meetergo's integrated tool to find suitable dates for individual meetings of your department or recurring meetings with the entire team. In conjunction with the German Zoom alternative meetergo connect, meetergo automatically creates links to the recurring meetings, which are automatically sent to the participants before the upcoming meeting. This way, the organization of the meetings simply runs in the background while everyone works on their part of the project. Even your customers will be notified by SMS before a project presentation with the Online Appointment Calendar and reminded of your appointment. The appointment reminder ensures that all participants arrive prepared for the meeting and that there is no idle time due to missed appointments.

Your key for a fast appointment finding and uncomplicated communication is the survey tool at your online appointment calendar for teams. All team members enter availabilities up to a certain point in time. If overlaps are found, a meeting is automatically created and transferred to your online calendar. All team members are additionally informed about the time of the meeting and reminded in time. For individual time planning, personal buffer times for preparation and follow-up can be set for each meeting. Adapted to the different needs of your team members, the functions of the online appointment calendars can be adapted to your own work rhythm in various ways. Doodle, Calendly and meetergo cooperate with the Zapier application for an optimal workflow. Zapier provides an automated connection between different web applications so that, for example, data from your customers, newly acquired leads or to-do lists can be easily transferred from one app to the other. Like your online team calendar, Zapier can be used on all devices, so you can stay up-to-date anytime, anywhere.

Although communication is essential for teamwork, it is not only soft skills that are required for optimal productivity. Hard facts and analytical perspectives also help you to focus and successfully implement goals. For this reason, an online appointment calendar for teams offers you an area where you can view all important key figures. Data on your appointments and meetings is displayed and shows you which meetings were particularly successful and where there is still a need for optimization. In this way, you can directly address the points of criticism and optimize your work. At the same time, the data helps you to keep your team-internal goals in mind and to visualize them. You work together as a team - whether remote or in-house, whether freelancer or company - on your goals and realize projects that strengthen your team spirit and your business.

Integrated video platform for your team meetings

You can hold your team meetings and discussions via various video platforms by using an online calendar for teams. Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom or Skype offer you digital communication options for meetings and presentations. DSGVO compliant and hosted by a German server is the German Zoom alternative meetergo connect. If you choose to use meetergo as your online appointment calendar, your video platform will be integrated directly into your appointment booking software. As a peer-to-peer solution, your team members' end devices will be directly connected, ensuring that there are always enough resources available. In addition, the quality of the video and sound transmission is on a constant level due to the peer-to-peer networking. Interactive features like screen sharing or the whiteboard allow you to brainstorm and brainstorm ideas together or give each other a status update. If a team member can't be there, simply record the meeting and share it afterwards via the messaging feature of your online team calendar.

By using an online schedule with your team, you optimize your work processes for the best productivity. You use your time at the appropriate places, so that your working time never goes to waste. You can easily and quickly find appointments for one-time or recurring meetings, in which you communicate via the meetergo connect platform in a DSGVO-compliant manner, either within your team or with your customers. You can visualize and implement your projects in a targeted manner using the meetergo online calendar for teams.

Imagine Calendly + Typeform had a Baby
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