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Create appointment poll fast & easy - Doodle & co.

Richard Gödel
CTO @ meetergo
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oordinating appointments can be a challenge, especially when multiple people are involved. Fortunately, there are tools and platforms that simplify this process. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the topic and show you how to effectively and efficiently coordinate appointments.

What is an appointment survey?

A scheduler is a tool used to find a common meeting for a group of people. You can propose different dates and participants can indicate which times suit them best. In the end, you can choose the time that suits the most people.

Why use a tool for voting?

A survey can help you save time and effort by automating the process of finding appointments. Instead of contacting everyone individually to check their availability, you can simply activate a survey and send the link to everyone. You can then track responses in real time and choose the best appointment.

How to create a survey for free?

Es gibt verschiedene Anbieter und Plattformen, die Sie zur Festlegung von Terminumfragen verwenden können. Einige der beliebtesten sind meetergo, Doodle, Microsoft FindTime, Google Formulare und TERMINO. Jedes dieser Tools hat seine eigenen Funktionen und Vorteile, aber der allgemeine Prozess zur Erstellung einer Umfrage ist in der Regel ähnlich.

meetergo: A clear and simple solution

With meetergo you can create a survey in just a few steps. You simply enter a date, optionally add a time, and invite participants by email. Invitees can then choose from several possible dates and indicate their availability. You can also set multiple time slots for an event and users can choose the date that suits them.

Registration with meetergo is optional. This means that users can participate in surveys and vote in meetings without registering. This makes meetergo particularly user-friendly and accessible.

meetergo vs. other alternatives

There are many alternatives to Doodle, such as Nuudel, Xoyondo, Dudeln and Framadate. But what makes meetergo the best alternative?

First of all, meetergo is free. While some other services only offer a limited number of free surveys, meetergo lets you create unlimited surveys and vote meetings.

In addition, meetergo is very clear and easy to use. You can create a survey and invite participants in just a few clicks. The overview of the available data is clear and easy to understand, so that every participant can vote quickly and easily.

Finally, meetergo also offers calendar integration. This means that you can add and manage your surveys and meetings directly in your calendar. This is especially handy if you need to coordinate a lot of meetings.


Doodle is a popular tool for creating appointment polls. It is easy to use and offers a variety of features that simplify the process of finding appointments. With Doodle, you can suggest different dates and participants can indicate which dates suit them best. You can also add an "if-it-must-be" option, which allows participants to indicate that they can attend a certain appointment if it is absolutely necessary.

Microsoft FindTime

Microsoft FindTime is another useful software for creating appointment polls. It is especially useful for Microsoft Outlook users, since it is directly integrated with the application. With FindTime you'll be able to propose different appointments and participants can indicate their availability. You can also set automatic reminders and track the survey results in real time.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a versatile tool that you can use when creating appointment surveys. You can suggest different appointments and participants can indicate their availability. You can also use different types of questions to collect additional information and analyze the answers in real time.


TERMINO is a platform specially designed for creating appointment polls and booking lists. You can create a poll to find a common appointment or create a booking list to have predefined appointments booked by other people. TERMINO also offers the possibility to log in and view all created polls and booking lists in your account and edit them directly.

Tips for creating effective scheduling

  1. Clarity: make sure the purpose of the survey and the proposed dates are clear and understandable.
  2. Flexibility: offer a variety of scheduling options to increase the likelihood that each attendee will find a date that suits them.
  3. Simplicity: Keep the survey simple and straightforward. Too many options or questions can confuse or discourage participants.
  4. Reminders: Send reminders to participants to ensure they complete the survey.
  5. Deadlines: set a deadline for responding to the survey to speed up the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I create a group survey without registering?

Yes, some tools like Doodle and Google Forms allow you to create a group survey without logging in. However, other tools like TERMINO require you to sign in.

Can I track the responses in real time?

Yes, most appointment survey creation tools allow you to track responses in real time.

Can I send an appointment request by e-mail?

Yes, you can email the survey link to participants.


Creating an appointment survey can help you simplify and automate the process of finding appointments. With the right tools and some best practices, you can create effective appointment surveys

Imagine Calendly + Typeform had a Baby
Your New Secret Weapon is Here!

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