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Threads (Meta) vs. Twitter: Instagram App - Over 10M Users in 7 Hours

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On July 6, 2023, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook's Meta corporation, launched a new social media app called "Threads". This app is a direct competitor to Twitter and has already attracted ten million users in the first seven hours after its launch.

What is Threads?

Threads is a new app by Meta that positions itself as a direct competitor to Twitter. The app allows users to post messages, like and reply to messages, and repost other users' messages similar to Twitter.

Differences between Threads and Twitter

Character Limit500 characters280 characters for unverified accounts
VideosFive minutesTwo minutes and 20 seconds for accounts without blue checkmarks
Username and BioImported from InstagramManually entered

Why Threads?

Meta's decision to launch Threads seems to be based on recent changes at Twitter that have upset some users and advertisers. One such change was the decision to limit usage for non-paying members, resulting in free accounts being able to read only 600 tweets per day. This decision sparked strong reactions.

threads amrk zuckerberg screenshot

Design Decisions in Threads

Threads has made several subtle design decisions that make a big difference. In the feed, likes and reply counts are downplayed in favor of content. Repost counts are not displayed at all. Usernames are shown to prevent identity theft. Threads with replies have a subtle loop to be playful and fun.

In the profile, follower numbers are hidden to avoid optimizing for followers over follows. Location, birthdate, and join date metadata is also hidden to highlight content.

Users have control over like counts and replies on their own posts. They can hide like counts for their own posts and hide replies to their posts from everyone.

It will be very interesting to see how this evolves. The battle has already begun.

Twitter's Role in Threads' Launch

The introduction of Threads by Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, has made waves in the social media world. Several key factors contributed to the rapid acceptance of Threads:

  1. Twitter: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, recently made several changes on Twitter that users did not appreciate – including introducing a limit on tweets per day.
  2. Integration with Instagram: Linking Threads with existing Instagram accounts made it easier for users to adopt the new service. Since Meta's acquisition of Instagram, the company has effectively used the platform as a means to introduce new services.
  3. Competition with Existing Platforms: Threads directly competes with services such as Twitter and Mastodon. It will be interesting to see how this competitive dynamic develops.

It remains to be seen how Threads evolves further and whether it will be able to take up a dominant position in social networking.

Threads & Meetergo

Threads and Meetergo together can form a powerful combination for lead generation purposes. With Threads, businesses and individuals can reach a wide audience and effectively spread their messages by posting relevant content and interacting with users - generating interest and potential leads.

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Together, Threads and Meetergo can help scale the communication process, efficiently qualify leads, and accelerate the sales cycle.


What is the difference between Threads (Meta) and Twitter?

Threads is a mobile application developed by Meta (formerly known as Facebook Corporation) that serves as an alternative to Twitter.

What is Instagram and how many users does it have?

Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing app that allows users to share their images/videos and interact with other users. It has numerous active users worldwide.

Is Threads a competitor to Twitter?

Yes, Threads directly competes with Twitter. It is a separate app developed by Meta focusing on written communication between individuals.

How many characters can be used in a thread post?

In Threads, up to 500 characters can be used in a post.

How many users does Threads have?

Threads already has over 10 million users within just 7 hours of its launch.

Is threads available in EU?

Currently, Threads is only available for download in USA & UK but there might be possibility of availability of App outside these countries soon.

Was the launch of threads announced?

Yes, The launch of threads was announced & now it's available for download.

Who developed the threads app?

Threads was developed by Meta (formerly known as facebook corporation)


Threads offers a fresh alternative to Twitter and provides several advantages over the established platform. With the ability to use a higher character count, post videos up to five minutes long, and import usernames and bios directly from Instagram, Threads presents an attractive option for both existing Instagram users and those seeking an alternative to Twitter.

It remains to be seen how Threads will fare against Twitter, but early indications are promising. With already ten million users within the first seven hours of its launch, Threads seems well-positioned to become a serious competitor for Twitter.

Imagine Calendly + Typeform had a Baby
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