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Thought leadership the buzzword from content marketing

Richard Gödel
CTO @ meetergo
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In today's fast-paced world of marketing, there is no term that is used as often as thought leader(s). Thought leadership has become an important term in content marketing and most companies try to position themselves as such. But what exactly is thought leadership and why is it valued so highly?

Die Definition von Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a strategy for positioning a company or individual as a thought leader in a specific field. The thinking behind this is that if a single person or company establishes itself as a frontrunner on a particular topic, it will attract greater attention from members of their target audience. The idea is that by continually positioning yourself as a thought leader, the brand or company as such is perceived as a leader in the industry.

Why is thought leadership strategically valuable in marketing?

Indeed, thought leadership is one of the most effective content marketing strategies . Why? Because the needs of the target group are the focus. By focusing on the problems and questions of the target group, one can become a key solution provider as a leader or as an individual. The focus is on creating added value. A company or individual positioned as a thought leader can also be seen as an innovator making an impact on the industry.

Implementing a thought leadership strategy provides an opportunity to take a leadership role in your field and demonstrate the expertise your company or content can offer. The content is prepared in an appealing way to meet the needs of the target group.

It is important to understand the importance of thought leadership for your own brand or company. Thought leadership offers the opportunity to achieve a leading position within the industry and thus differentiate yourself from the competition. Working with thought leaders and creating unique content can help a company or individual establish a position as a frontrunner within the industry.

strategie des leadership

The benefits of thought leadership

The advantages of thought leadership in content marketing are manifold. Here are some of the key benefits:

Positioning as an expert

Thought leadership offers the opportunity to be perceived as an expert within a specific field. This can help build customer trust and credibility as it demonstrates expertise in a particular area.

Building authority and credibility

As a thought leader, you gain strong authority and credibility within your own niche. This can help gain the trust of the target audience and promote one's brand.

Increase in Social Selling Index

Social selling describes the process of identifying and acquiring potential customers using social media platforms. Positioning as a thought leader can improve the Social Selling Index, as trust in oneself or the company is strengthened.

Strengthening of brand awareness

Thought leadership can help build brand awareness by focusing on the needs of the target audience and presenting itself as a relevant solution.

Improving content marketing

The focus on thought leadership can help to create high-quality content and thus improve your own content marketing. This, in turn, can help increase reach and engagement.



What is Thought Leadership?

Thought leadership is a buzzword from content marketing. It's about positioning a position as an expert or thought leader to build authority and reputation in a specific area. A person or a company uses their expertise and experience to establish themselves as opinion leaders and to convince their target group. The aim is to gain the trust of the target group and thus be perceived as an innovative leader.

What does thought leadership mean for marketing?

Thought leadership can be seen as a kind of strategy in content marketing. It's about producing content that is not only solid and well-founded in terms of content, but also attractively prepared and relevant to the target group. By presenting yourself as an opinion leader, you can demonstrate your expertise and know-how and thus increase your credibility and attractiveness as a follower.

What is the benefit of Thought Leadership Marketing?

The goal of Thought Leadership Marketing is to gain the trust and loyalty of the target group by producing specialist articles, white papers or other content formats, for example. The benefit is that you can make a name for yourself as an innovative leader in an area and thus win customers or clients. You are perceived as competent and an expert in your field, which increases your credibility and reputation.

Who can be positioned as a thought leader?

Any individual or company can position themselves as a thought leader. It is important to produce innovative and relevant content that offers added value for the target group. It's about establishing a way of thinking and preparing it in an attractive way. Examples include Elon Musk with Tesla or Steve Jobs with Apple as thought leaders.

Where can you position yourself as a thought leader?

There are various channels to position yourself as a thought leader. LinkedIn, for example, is a very popular network for presenting one's expertise and know-how. But you can also establish yourself as a thought leader and increase your reputation by producing specialist articles, white papers or using social media channels.

What is the Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn related to Thought Leadership?

The Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn provides information about how well a profile is selling on LinkedIn and what reach it has. Anyone who is positioned as an expert in an area on LinkedIn and has many followers usually also has a high SSI. The SSI is thus an indicator of how well someone is regarded as an opinion leader and expert.

How do you successfully implement thought leadership?

In order to successfully implement thought leadership, it is important to prepare the content in an appealing way and to offer added value for the target group. You should specialize in a certain area and regularly deal with relevant topics. It is about establishing a clear way of thinking and conveying it credibly.

What are the advantages of thought leadership for companies?

Companies that successfully position themselves as thought leaders can strengthen their branding and reputation. You are perceived as innovative and solid and can therefore be considered an attractive employer or client. In addition, they can reach their target group by producing relevant content and thus win customers or clients.

How is thought leadership different from inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy to draw potential customers to a website or business. Various measures are used to direct the target group to the website. Thought leadership, on the other hand, starts with positioning as an innovative leader in a specific area and uses various channels and content formats to convince the target group.

What is special about thought leadership?

Thought leadership relies on a clear way of thinking and positioning as an innovative leader. The aim is not only to produce relevant content, but also to prepare it in an appealing way and to offer added value for the target group. Thought leadership relies on credibility and reputation to convince the target group and to be perceived as an expert or thought leader.


Thought leadership is strategic positioning as a thought leader and expert in a specific field. It's about producing relevant and engaging content that adds value to the target audience. Through thought leadership, companies and individuals can build authority and credibility, strengthen their reputation and be seen as innovators. It enables the creation of a competitive advantage as members of the target audience are more likely to trust and be inspired by opinion leaders and thought leaders.

Thought leadership provides an opportunity to build relationships, network and build brand awareness. Companies and individuals can position themselves as solution providers and convey their vision and expertise to the outside world. By continuously positioning themselves as thought leaders, they can anticipate and react to changes in their market. Platforms like LinkedIn offer an ideal opportunity to present yourself as a thought leader and to attract the attention of the target group.

The goal of thought leadership is to build a trend-setting reputation and to be perceived as a trustworthy expert. By delivering quality content and offering value, businesses and individuals can gain the trust of their audience and establish themselves as the leading voices in their industry.

Overall, thought leadership offers an effective and strategic way to differentiate yourself from the competition, increase brand awareness and build long-term relationships with the target group. It's a valuable strategy in content marketing to gain authority, credibility, and strong positioning as an opinion leader.

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