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Nuudel: The online appointment planner with data protection

Dominik Rapacki
CEO @meetergo
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Nuudel is an online tool that serves as a Doodle alternative. It is a scheduler that allows users to schedule appointments and create polls. Nuudel is especially known for its privacy features. Unlike many other providers, Nuudel does not store IP addresses and does not perform user tracking.

How does Nuudel work?

Using Nuudel is simple and straightforward. Users can create an appointment survey by selecting a date and time, then sending a link to the survey to participants. Participants can then indicate their availability, and the date that suits the most participants is selected.

Privacy at Nuudel

Privacy is a central concern of Nuudel. The Doodle alternative does not store IP addresses and does not perform user tracking. Users can also choose not to provide an email address. In this case, they should bookmark the admin pages of their surveys.

Nuudel vs. doodle: A comparison

While Doodle is the best-known provider for online scheduling, Nuudel offers a privacy-friendly alternative. Unlike Doodle, Nuudel does not store IP addresses and does not perform user tracking. In addition, Nuudel is free, while Doodle offers paid premium options.

Feature Nuudel Doodle
Privancy Yes No
User Tracking No Yes
Pricing Free Free with paid options
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meetergo: A DSGVO-compliant and free alternative

In the world of online scheduling, there are other alternatives besides Nuudel and Doodle that are worth looking at. One of them is meetergo. This online tool is a DSGVO-compliant alternative that stands out for its ease of use and privacy features.

Scheduling appointments with meetergo is simple and straightforward. Users can set appointments by selecting a date and time, then sending an email to participants with a link to the appointment survey. Participants can then indicate their availability, and the appointment that suits the most participants is selected.

Another advantage of meetergo is that it is free of charge. This makes it an attractive option for individuals and companies looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution for scheduling.

Compared to other providers such as Doodle and Nuudel, meetergo offers a number of features that make it an excellent choice. These include the ability to create polls, integration with calendars and the option to send emails to participants.

Overall, meetergo is a great alternative for those looking for a DSGVO compliant and free online tool for scheduling and survey creation.

Participant management with Nuudel

An important aspect of using online scheduling tools is the management of participants. Nuudel offers a number of functions here that facilitate the invitation and management of participants.

First, Nuudel users can simply enter an email address to invite participants to their survey. Participants will then receive an email with a link to the survey. This makes it easy to reach a large number of participants and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to take the survey.

In addition, Nuudel also offers functions for managing participants. Users can see who has participated and which dates they have selected. This facilitates the planning and coordination of meetings and events.

Another advantage of Nuudel is that it allows participants to change their choices as their availability changes. This provides flexibility and ensures that the survey always contains the most up-to-date information.

Overall, Nuudel provides a powerful participant management tool that makes scheduling and survey creation a simple and efficient process.

Nuudel Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use images with Nuudel?

For privacy and IT security reasons, Nuudel has disabled the feature that would otherwise load external resources. Therefore, users cannot insert images into their surveys.

Who runs Nuudel?

Nuudel is run by Digitalcourage, a non-profit organization that advocates for a livable world in the digital age.

Do I have to register with Nuudel?

No, registration is not required to use Nuudel. You can simply create a survey and send the link to the participants.

Nuudel in practice

Nuudel is a useful tool for planning meetings, appointments and events. Whether you're planning a get-together with friends or organizing a big event, Nuudel makes scheduling simple and straightforward## Nuudel for business

Nuudel is also a valuable tool for companies. It enables efficient scheduling and facilitates the coordination of meetings and events. In addition, many companies appreciate Nuudel's privacy features.

Nuudel and the TU Dresden

Dresden University of Technology is an example of an institution that uses Nuudel for scheduling. The university appreciates the simplicity and privacy features of Nuudel.


Nuudel is a powerful online tool for scheduling and survey creation. With its focus on privacy, it offers an attractive alternative to other providers like Doodle. Whether you're scheduling appointments with friends, coordinating meetings for your company, or organizing a large event, Nuudel is an excellent choice.

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