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B2B Customer Journey Mapping: Touchpoints for Success

Richard Gödel
CTO @ meetergo
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Customer experience is extremely important in marketing. A good customer journey can turn prospects into leads and eventually paying customers, while a bad customer journey can do the exact opposite. There is no single customer journey that applies to all customers and companies. The customer journey is unique for every company and every target group. In the B2B area, the customer journey plays an important role in generating leads and customer loyalty. In this article, we will take a closer look at the meaning and stages of a B2B customer journey and provide tips on how to optimize it.

Definition and importance of the customer journey in the B2B area

The customer journey encompasses the different stages that a potential customer goes through before deciding to purchase a product or service. The B2B customer journey is a special form of customer journey that focuses on the sale of products or services between companies.

The importance of a good B2B customer journey is enormous. A streamlined customer journey can help convert prospects into leads and eventually into paying customers. By improving the customer journey, companies can increase sales and win loyal customers.

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Phases of the B2B customer journey

The B2B customer journey can be divided into five phases: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Retention and Advocacy.


In this phase, the potential customer is made aware that they have a problem and that there are solutions. Companies should offer content such as white papers, blog posts, and case studies at this stage to educate the prospect and build trust.


In this phase, the potential customer begins to actively search for a solution and compares different providers. It is important to provide relevant content and demo presentations in this phase to convince the customer of your own solution.


In this phase, the customer has decided on a company and it is the company's task to convince them of their own solution. Here it is important to provide quick and easy availability of information and a concrete offer.


This phase is all about retaining the customer and making them a regular customer. Here, companies must ensure that the customer's experience with their own solution is positive and that they recommend it to others.


In this phase, the customer becomes an advocate of the company and its solutions. Companies should ensure that the customer recommends and recommends the company and its solutions to the public.

journey map

The importance of touchpoints in the B2B customer journey

The customer journey in the B2B area is a complex process consisting of different phases and touchpoints. The touchpoints play a crucial role as they represent the interactions between companies and customers during the buying process. In this section, we'll dive deeper into the importance of touchpoints in the B2B customer journey and how companies can use them effectively to generate leads and maximize the success of their marketing efforts.

Touchpoints as the key to customer interaction

Touchpoints are the contact points where potential customers come into contact with a company. They can take place both online and offline and take various forms, such as website visits, e-mail communication, participation in trade fairs or face-to-face sales talks. Each touchpoint offers an opportunity to make a positive impression and keep the customer interested.

The influence of touchpoints on the customer journey

The touchpoints along the customer journey have a direct impact on the customer's experience and can determine whether a potential customer becomes a lead and ultimately a paying customer. Each touchpoint offers the opportunity to present the customer with relevant information, to gain their trust and to convince them of the advantages of their own company. A well thought-out design of the touchpoints enables companies to support the customer in the best possible way in every phase of the customer journey.

Choosing the right touchpoints

In order to identify the right touchpoints along the B2B customer journey, it is important to understand the target group and their needs. Companies should conduct a thorough target group analysis and identify the preferred communication channels of their potential customers. This can involve a combination of different channels such as your own website, email marketing, social media, events or face-to-face sales pitches. By carefully selecting the right touchpoints, companies can ensure that they reach their potential customers in the right place at the right time and convey their message effectively.

Optimization of touchpoints for an optimal customer experience

In order to optimally design the touchpoints along the customer journey, companies should ensure that they deliver relevant and appealing content. This can be, for example, the provision of informative blog articles, case studies or white papers that address the questions and needs of potential customers. In addition, businesses should provide a way to easily get in touch with them, whether through a prominent contact form on the website or through an easily accessible phone number or email address. The continuous monitoring and optimization of the touchpoints enables companies to continuously improve the customer experience and ensure that potential customers are optimally supported throughout the customer journey.

b2b mapping

The importance of customer journey mapping in B2B marketing

Customer journey mapping is an effective tool to visualize, understand and optimize the B2B customer journey. In this section, we will take a closer look at the importance of customer journey mapping in B2B marketing and how companies can use it to best tailor their marketing strategies to customer needs.

The advantages of customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping enables companies to visualize the customer journey and gain detailed insights into the experiences and interactions of their potential customers. The mapping makes all phases and touchpoints of the customer journey clear, and companies can identify potential weak points or areas for improvement. Customer journey mapping offers the following advantages in B2B marketing:

  1. Understanding the Customer Perspective : Customer journey mapping helps companies view the customer journey from the perspective of their potential customers. It allows them to better understand their needs, challenges and desires and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.
  2. Optimization of the touchpoints : Through the mapping, companies can identify and optimize the individual touchpoints along the customer journey. You can ensure they are providing relevant content, information, and engagement opportunities in the right places to maximize prospect interest and satisfaction.
  3. Marketing and sales integration : Customer journey mapping enables companies to align their marketing and sales strategies. By looking at the customer journey and corresponding touchpoints together, marketing and sales teams can collaborate effectively and ensure they are supporting prospects with the right information at the right time.

Steps in customer journey mapping

When it comes to customer journey mapping in B2B marketing, there are several steps companies can follow:

  1. Data Collection : Businesses should collect data about their customers to get an accurate picture of the customer journey. This can be done through surveys, interviews, web analytics or other forms of data collection.
  2. Identification of the phases and touchpoints : Companies should identify the different phases of the customer journey and work out the associated touchpoints. This allows them to visualize the flow of the customer journey and understand the relevant interactions.
  3. Mapping the customer perspective : Companies should put themselves in the shoes of the potential customer and understand the experiences and emotions along the customer journey. This allows them to identify potential weaknesses or friction points and make improvements.
  4. Optimizing touchpoints : Companies should optimize touchpoints along the customer journey by providing relevant content, interaction options and information. In doing so, they should ensure that the touchpoints are seamlessly connected and offer a consistent customer experience.
  5. Continuous monitoring and adjustment : Customer journey mapping is an iterative process. Businesses should continuously monitor the customer journey, collect feedback from customers and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly to ensure optimal customer experience.

Customer journey mapping is a valuable tool for B2B companies to optimize their marketing efforts and increase customer satisfaction. By visualizing and understanding the customer journey, companies can tailor their marketing strategies to the needs of their prospects and provide an effective customer experience.

Optimization of touchpoints along the customer journey

Optimizing the touchpoints along the customer journey is crucial to ensure a positive customer experience and strengthen customer loyalty. Companies should take a closer look at the individual phases and touchpoints of the customer journey and ensure that they offer relevant content and interaction options. By optimally designing the touchpoints, companies can improve customer relationships and increase the success of the customer journey.

Difference to the buyer journey

The B2B customer journey and the buyer journey differ in a few key points. While the buyer journey describes the entire process that a customer goes through to purchase a product or service, the B2B customer journey focuses specifically on the business customer area.

In the B2B customer journey, complex decision-making structures are often in the foreground, since several stakeholders and departments can be involved in the purchasing process. The focus is on understanding the specific requirements and needs of the company and providing solutions that support their business goals.

Compared to the buyer journey, the B2B customer journey can involve a longer and more complex decision-making process. Business customers often need to conduct extensive research and analysis before making a purchasing decision. In addition, personal relationships and building trust play a crucial role in the B2B customer journey.

In addition, the type of communication and content in the B2B customer journey is often more technical and subject-specific, since the target group consists of subject matter experts and decision-makers. The goal is to provide convincing arguments and to emphasize the added value of the offered solutions for the customer's business.

Overall, the B2B customer journey is a demanding process that requires a targeted and differentiated approach in order to meet the individual needs and requirements of business customers.



Was versteht man unter Customer Journey Mapping?

Die Customer Journey Map ist eine Visualisierung der Phasen, die ein Kunde durchläuft, um ein bestimmtes Ziel zu erreichen. Dies reicht von der Erkenntnis des Bedarfs über den Kauf bis hin zur Nachbetreuung.

Warum ist Customer Journey Mapping im B2B-Marketing wichtig?

B2B-Kunden haben in der Regel längere Kaufzyklen mit mehreren Entscheidungsträgern. Durch eine Customer Journey Map können Unternehmen die Touchpoints identifizieren, an denen der Kunde mit dem Unternehmen in Kontakt kommt, und sicherstellen, dass das Kundenerlebnis bestmöglich ist.

Wie erstellt man eine B2B Customer Journey Map?

Zunächst sollten Unternehmen die fünf Phasen der Customer Journey identifizieren: Bewusstsein, Erwägung, Entscheidung, Kauf und Nachkauf. Dann können die Touchpoints der Customer Journey identifiziert und mit Content für jede Phase gefüllt werden.

Was sind die wichtigsten Touchpoints der B2B Customer Journey Map?

Es gibt viele mögliche Touchpoints, je nach Branche und Unternehmen. Einige wichtige Touchpoints sind die Website, Whitepapers, E-Mail-Marketing, Live-Events, Social-Media-Kanäle und das Customer Relationship Management.

Wie kann eine B2B Customer Journey Map helfen, den Kaufprozess zu optimieren?

Eine Customer Journey Map kann Unternehmen helfen, die Touchpoints zu identifizieren, an denen Kunden ihre Meinung bilden und Kaufentscheidungen treffen. Mit diesem Wissen können Unternehmen ihre Marketingstrategie und ihre Inhalte gezielt auf diese Touchpoints ausrichten und so den Kaufprozess optimieren.

Welche Rolle spielt Content in der B2B Customer Journey?

Content ist entscheidend für eine erfolgreiche B2B Customer Journey. Durch gezielten Content in den einzelnen Phasen, können Kunden informiert, engagiert und überzeugt werden. Unternehmen können so das Kundenerlebnis verbessern und das Vertrauen der Kunden gewinnen.

Wie unterscheidet sich die B2B Customer Journey von der B2C Customer Journey?

Die B2B Customer Journey ist in der Regel länger und komplexer als die B2C Customer Journey. B2B-Kunden nehmen sich mehr Zeit für die Recherche und es gibt in der Regel mehr Entscheidungsträger. Eine erfolgreiche B2B Customer Journey muss diese Unterschiede berücksichtigen und entsprechend angepasst werden.

Wie lange dauert es, eine B2B Customer Journey zu erstellen?

Die Erstellung einer B2B Customer Journey Map kann zwischen einigen Wochen und mehreren Monaten dauern, je nach Größe des Unternehmens und der Komplexität der Journey. Es lohnt sich jedoch, die Zeit und Ressourcen zu investieren, um eine optimale Customer Journey zu schaffen.


Die B2B Customer Journey ist ein komplexer Prozess, der aus verschiedenen Phasen und Touchpoints besteht. Unternehmen sollten sich intensiv mit der Customer Journey auseinandersetzen, um potenzielle Kunden effektiv in zahlende Kunden zu verwandeln und die Kundenbindung zu stärken. Durch eine optimierte Gestaltung der Touchpoints und ein strategisches Customer Journey Mapping können Unternehmen eine positive Kundenerfahrung schaffen und langfristigen Erfolg erzielen.

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