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Brand Awareness Marketing: 8 strategies for more awareness

Dominik Rapacki
CEO @meetergo
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Brand awareness, or brand awareness, is an important term in marketing. It's all about how familiar a brand is to consumers and how strongly they remember the brand. The following explains what brand awareness means, why it is important and how companies can increase it in a targeted manner.

Brand awareness in marketing

Brand awareness describes how familiar a brand is to consumers. It's not just about whether the brand is known at all, but also about how it is perceived. In concrete terms, it is about how strong associations exist with the brand and whether it is also top-of-mind, i.e. whether the brand is the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a specific product or service.

Three levels of brand awareness

To get a better understanding of brand awareness, it is often divided into three levels. The first stage is about being known at all. This stage is about getting the brand noticed and consumers remembering it. The second stage is about what associations exist with the brand. The point here is that consumers have positive associations with the brand and perceive it as high-quality and trustworthy. The third level is about top-of-mind awareness. Here, the brand is the first thing that consumers think of when they look for and want to buy a certain category of products or services. At this stage, the brand has the highest level of awareness and is firmly anchored in the minds of consumers.

Why is brand awareness important?

A high level of brand awareness is of great importance for companies. When a brand is known to consumers and perceived positively, those consumers are more likely to reach out to that brand and buy its products or services. A strong brand awareness can therefore lead to a competitive advantage and support the growth of the company.

In addition, high brand awareness can also increase brand value. When consumers perceive a brand as trustworthy and of high quality, they are more willing to pay a higher price for a product or service. In addition, consumers with high brand awareness are often more loyal to the brand and willing to recommend it.

A high level of brand awareness can also have a positive effect on other aspects of marketing and corporate management. For example, strong brand awareness can make potential employees more likely to want to work for that company. In addition, a high level of brand awareness can also make it easier to work with other companies, as they would like to be associated with a well-known and respected brand.

So overall, brand awareness is of great importance for companies as it drives business success and growth, increases brand equity and can have positive effects in various areas of marketing and corporate governance. Companies should therefore take targeted measures to increase brand awareness and thus benefit from the positive effects.

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Increase in brand awareness

There are several ways to increase brand awareness. Here are some methods companies can use to increase their brand awareness.

Online marketing

Online marketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness. Companies can target advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to make their brand known to a wide audience. Through targeted targeting, companies can also ensure that their ads are only shown to those people who belong to the target group and have an interest in their products or services.

In addition to paid advertising, companies can also use content marketing to increase their brand awareness. By creating quality content such as blog articles, videos or infographics and sharing it through their social media channels or website, they can position their brand as an expert and gain consumer trust.

Use marketing in a targeted manner

Another method of increasing brand awareness is the targeted use of marketing measures . Companies should know their target group exactly and know which channels and media they prefer to use. By targeting their marketing actions to these channels, they can ensure that their message gets noticed by the target group and is remembered positively.

An example of this is the use of influencer marketing. By working with influencers who have a high reach and credibility, companies can present their brand to a wide audience and thus increase brand awareness. The influencers can, for example, report on their experiences with the company's products or services and thus encourage their followers to take a closer look at the brand.

Increase brand awareness in three stages

In order to increase brand awareness in a targeted manner, it is important to consider the three levels of brand awareness. The first stage is about being known at all. Companies should therefore ensure that their brand is present, e.g. through a clear and appealing brand identity, a meaningful logo or targeted advertising measures.

The second stage is about building strong associations with the brand. Companies should ensure that their brand is perceived positively and associated with certain values ​​or characteristics. This can be achieved through targeted storytelling and the communication of corporate culture.

In the third stage, top-of-mind awareness, the goal is for the brand to be the first thing consumers think of when looking for a specific product or service. Businesses can achieve this by positioning their brand in the relevant product categories or industries and making sure it is present in the minds of consumers.

Through targeted measures in each of these stages, companies can effectively increase brand awareness and gain a competitive advantage. However, it is important that these actions are long term and ongoing to achieve sustainable results.

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Measuring methods of brand awareness marketing

There are various measurement methods that companies can use to measure the success of measures to increase brand awareness. Some commonly used measurement methods are presented below.

Awareness of a brand

One way to measure brand awareness is brand awareness. Consumers are asked whether they know a certain brand or have heard of it before. This can be carried out, for example, in the form of a survey or a study. The results provide information about how well known the brand is and whether the desired target group even perceives the brand.

associations with the brand

Another way to measure brand awareness is by examining the associations consumers have with a brand. Consumers are asked which characteristics, values ​​or messages they associate with the brand. This can also be done through surveys or studies. The results show how strong the associations with the brand are and whether they are perceived positively or negatively.

Top-of-Mind Awareness

Top-of-mind awareness can also be measured to assess brand awareness. This is about how often the brand is the first thing that pops up in consumers' minds when they are looking for a specific product or service. This can be determined, for example, by means of a survey or a questioning of the target group. The results indicate whether the brand has a strong position in the minds of consumers.

Social Media Analytics

Another way to measure brand awareness is through social media analytics. The activities and interactions of consumers with the brand on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are analyzed. This includes, for example, the number of followers, likes, comments or shares. By evaluating these metrics, companies can gain insight into the reach and impact of their social media activities.

Choosing the right measurement methods depends on various factors, such as the aim of the study, the target group and the available budget. It is advisable to combine several measurement methods to get a comprehensive picture of brand awareness.

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The impact of brand awareness on brand equity

High brand awareness can make consumers more willing to pay more for products or services. It can also make them more loyal to the brand and more willing to make recommendations.


What is the Brand Awareness Funnel?

Brand awareness can be divided into three levels: top of mind, aided and unaided awareness. Top of Mind means that the brand is the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a specific product or service. With aided awareness, the person can recognize the brand when they see or hear the name. With Unaided Awareness, the person can enter the brand name independently. Unlike the conversion funnel, the awareness funnel focuses more on impressions than purchases.

Why is Top of Mind status important?

When a brand is top of mind, it's the first thing considered when the potential customer makes a purchasing decision. It is believed that a brand that is top of mind has a higher chance of being selected.

How can I specifically increase brand awareness?

In order to increase brand awareness in a targeted manner, one should concentrate on the respective target group. It is important to know which channels and content work best with this target group. A high level of brand awareness can be achieved through a targeted strategy that is tailored to the target group.

What are the advantages of high brand awareness?

A high level of brand awareness can help the brand play a larger role in the consumer’s customer journey . When the brand is better known, potential customers are more willing to try or recommend it. High brand awareness can also help the brand be seen as a market leader and improve its brand image.

How can I ensure high brand awareness?

There are several methods to ensure high brand awareness. Online marketing is good because you can reach a large number of consumers. A targeted SEO strategy, Google Ads and social media advertising can help increase awareness. On-screen advertising, sponsorships, events, and influencer marketing are also good ways to spread the word about the brand.


A high level of brand awareness is an important goal for companies. It is not just about the brand being known, but also about how it is perceived. The goal should be to increase brand awareness in three stages. Targeted marketing and online marketing can increase awareness and have a positive effect on brand value.

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