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How businesses are using meetergo

We transform your business problems into beautiful creative solutions. Let us help you tell your story.
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4.7 out of 5
5.000+ businesses
meetergo should be used by every company.
rené petry
René Petry
Geschäftsführer @sichtbar AG
"It has become clear that meetergo has many more advantages."
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Michael Paul
Founder @jobeffect
"It starts with the fact that I can now create appointments myself for the team, for example, and then simply put certain Employees simply put on it."
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Roman Laufenberg
Product Owner @RLE

Possible Use Cases

2x more Meetings
Invite potential customers to select their preferred dates and automate the entire booking process to facilitate a smooth start to the business relationship.
150% faster responses
Schedule customer support appointments, optimize the availability of your support staff, and streamline communication with customers to provide a first-class support experience.
2x more applicants
Effortlessly schedule job interviews, invite applicants, and keep track of the progress in the selection process to effectively choose qualified candidates.
68% more participants
Invite participants to select their preferred dates and send automated reminders to ensure a seamless webinar experience.
3x more scheduled meetings
Watch this video to see how easy it is to integrate meetergo into your website and automate your booking processes. Don't miss the opportunity to satisfy your customers and make your business successful.
3-7 fewer emails per meeting
Would you like to easily share your availability via email? Then this video is just perfect for you! Learn how you can efficiently manage your availability and conveniently share it with others via email using meetergo.
2x more on-site appointments
Do you want to simplify the booking of on-site appointments for your business? Then this video is just right for you! Learn how you can effortlessly book on-site appointments for your customers using meetergo.
98% show rate
Do you want to make sure you don't miss any important appointments or follow-ups? In this video, you'll learn how to use reminders and follow-ups to stay organized and provide excellent customer service.
57% more revenue from inbound
In this video, you will learn how to set up and customize the qualification features of meetergo. You will also discover how to use the routing solution to distribute your appointments optimally and avoid bottlenecks.
24-45 fewer emails when >7 participants
meetergo offers you a simple and efficient way to create appointment polls. You can set up different time options, and your participants can select their preferred appointments.
5-10% meeting booked rate
Do you want to maximize the potential of your email campaigns and lead customers directly to appointment booking? In this video, you will learn how to effortlessly integrate appointment bookings into your email campaigns using MeeterGo.
100% functional tracking
Are you sending email campaigns and frustrated that open and click-through rates aren't adding value? Then Resource Hubs are just what you need. Check it out in the video now!
78% better buying experience
You just held a demo appointment or cold call and the prospect wants an email.... Of course you can attach all documents (PDFs, subpages, videos, etc.) in an email, but then you don't know what was viewed. What if you knew exactly what and how long the prospect looked at?
2-3x more expansion
Your product or service can be expanded? Then you are probably already trying to generate more sales with existing customers. But often it is not clear which up-sell or cross-sell the customer is interested in. What if you knew exactly what your customers want?
40% shorter sales cycle
In this video, we will guide you through the process of developing a Mutual Action Plan (MAP) that promotes accountability, transparency, and effective collaboration. Discover how a well-structured MAP can foster mutual understanding, optimize workflows, and drive project success.
27% better win rate
With meetergo, the purchasing process for your customers is simplified and centralized. Instead of painstakingly searching for information and documents, they can find everything in one place - in a branded digital sales space. You can communicate in real-time with your sales team, ask questions, and receive immediate answers.
37% faster onboarding
Say goodbye to onboarding spreadsheets. Stop sending long emails with "next steps." Don't overwhelm your customers with project management tools. With meetergo, you can make your onboarding process more efficient. meetergo provides you with a simple and intuitive solution to seamlessly onboard customers.
100% data transmitted
Do you want to make appointment booking smoother for your customers while effectively utilizing your CRM? In this video, you will learn how to seamlessly integrate appointment booking into your CRM system using meetergo.
100% control
Do you want to seamlessly integrate meetergo into your existing systems and processes? In this video, you will learn how to leverage meetergo APIs and webhooks to automate processes and facilitate smooth integration.
3x faster
Experience in this video how you can leave a lasting impression with a digital business card. Seize the opportunity to design your digital business card and present yourself professionally to generate new business opportunities.

Communication has never been easier

Get in touch with people easier and faster and have all relevant data at hand.
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