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You lost sales today without knowing it

Identify your B2B website visitors in a GDPR compliant way and expand your sales funnel. Generate more and better leads than your competition.

Identify unknown visitors  on your B2b website

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We do not and will not use cookies to recognize leads.

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Our servers are located in Germany and meet the highest requirements.

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No credit card necessary & GDPR compliant

meetergo has the largest B2B database in the whole of Germany.

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Automatic transfer of leads into your system. Pipeline & Stage included.

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Liquid Content

Personalized messaging
Address your website visitors with your business name to increase your conversion.
Relevant content
Display content tailored to your visitors. Show different content to visitors from different industries.
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Why meetergo?

Unbeatable value for money.
Free for freelancers and entrepreneurs.
Included Features:
Online Scheduling
Lead Qualification & Routing
Digital Rooms
Digitale Business Card
Native Integrations
GDPR compliant & Cookie Free & DOI
Other Software
Example providers:
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Wir integrate with your favorite tools

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Lead Response Time
Measures the time from initial contact to follow-up of a lead.
Social recruiting
Targeted placement of advertising measures in social media.
#1 Simply efficient
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You have questions or would like to know if meetergo is a fit for your company? Then talk to our sales team. We are happy to help you!

Communication has never been easier

Get in touch with people easier and faster and have all relevant data at hand.
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