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Online Voting Tools - 5 Free Tools to Create Polls

Dominik Rapacki
CEO @meetergo
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This article focuses on the best online voting tools that are free and easy to use. With these tools, you can create surveys and polls and track the responses in real-time. Give them a try now and create your own poll in no time!

meetergo poll voting page

meetergo: Create Online Meeting Polls for Free

When it comes to free survey tools, meetergo is an excellent option. With meetergo, you can create surveys without having to sign up. That means you can start creating your survey right away without wasting time on registration processes. This makes meetergo particularly straightforward and user-friendly.

With meetergo, you can also get a direct link to your survey. This allows you to embed the survey in events or send it via email without participants needing to visit the website separately. Simply share the link, and participants can vote directly. Therefore, meetergo is an extremely convenient and efficient tool for online voting.

strawpoll umfrage

StrawPoll: Easy Online Voting

StrawPoll is another recommended tool for online voting. With StrawPoll, you can quickly and easily create polls and surveys. This makes it easy for participants to join the voting by simply providing them with the StrawPoll link. Participants can then click on the link and cast their vote without needing to register or sign in. This makes StrawPoll particularly useful for quickly gathering feedback from customers or respondents and collecting opinions or preferences.

With StrawPoll, you have the option to address a variety of topics or questions in your survey. You can provide multiple-choice answers as well as allow participants to enter their own responses. This allows you to collect a wide range of data and evaluate different aspects. Therefore, StrawPoll is a flexible and versatile tool for your online voting and surveys.

doodle umfrage

Doodle - Create surveys online

Doodle is a popular online voting tool that allows you to create surveys and polls with flexible response options. You can invite participants, let them vote, and find the most suitable date. Doodle provides real-time updates and an easy-to-access link for voting, enabling you to make collective decisions and coordinate schedules. By integrating with your calendar, you can easily participate in your polls and ensure that your appointments are always up to date.

With Doodle, you can configure your polls to only gather the information you need. Choose from various options such as multiple-choice, yes/no answers, or free-text fields. These customization options ensure that you receive the answers you need to make your decisions.


Advantages of Doodle Voting

Doodle offers a variety of advantages that make it one of the best online voting tools. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Easy setup and management
  • Participants can join without registration
  • Real-time updates and easy access to voting
  • Various customization options for voting choices

Doodle is a great choice for teams, freelancers, and anyone looking for an easy way to create surveys and coordinate schedules. Give it a try now and experience the benefits of Doodle for yourself!

mentimeter umfrage abbildung

Mentimeter - Interactive Presentations and Feedback

Mentimeter is a useful tool that allows you to make your presentations more engaging and gather feedback. Whether you need feedback from your audience or want to create an interactive presentation, Mentimeter offers diverse options to achieve your goals.

You can create your presentation quickly and easily, and insert questions that you want to send to your audience. Mentimeter provides various response options, such as multiple-choice questions or ratings on a scale of 1 to 10, to meet your audience's needs.

With Mentimeter, you can also create word clouds that help capture the opinions and thoughts of your listeners. A word cloud is a visual image consisting of words expressed by your audience. Frequently used words are displayed larger, allowing you to quickly and easily identify key topics or opinions.

To create an interactive presentation, you need to register with Mentimeter and upload your presentation to the platform. Once your presentation is ready, you can send it to your audience via a link. Feedback and responses are updated in real-time, allowing you to see how your audience is responding to your presentation.

Mentimeter can take your presentations to the next level while obtaining valuable feedback from your audience.

surveymonkey landing


SurveyMonkey - Umfangreiche Funktionen für Marktforschung

SurveyMonkey is one of the most comprehensive survey software tools in the realm of online voting tools, offering a variety of features to elevate your surveys.

You can create detailed questions and display the responses in a clear table for better evaluation. SurveyMonkey provides a wide range of participant integration features, including email invitations and pop-up surveys. With easier evaluation options, you can quickly and easily analyze and assess the opinions and views of participants.

In addition to the standard features, SurveyMonkey also offers advanced tools that allow you to learn more about your target audience. For example, you can analyze the demographics of your participants to better understand trends and behaviors or customize your surveys to match your company's brand identity for greater recognition.

For businesses conducting market research or customer surveys, SurveyMonkey is an ideal tool as it supports multiple surveys simultaneously and provides extensive analysis capabilities.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Online Voting Tools

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about using online voting tools:

How can you measure customer satisfaction?

With online voting tools, you can create various types of surveys to measure customer satisfaction. For example, you can ask questions about products, services, or the overall experience. Utilize different response options such as scales or open-ended questions to gather comprehensive responses.

How do you add participants?

Depending on the tool, participants can be added in various ways. Some tools provide the option to send email invitations to all participants, while others offer a public survey URL that can be forwarded. Some tools also allow surveys to be shared on social media or integrated into a website. Familiarize yourself with the available options before creating your survey.

How do you create and evaluate surveys online?

Most online voting tools offer a user-friendly interface that allows you to create surveys quickly and easily. Add questions, choose response options, and customize the design. Once the survey is created, you can track responses in real-time and view the results in a clear table. Most online voting tools also offer the option to present the results as charts or graphs.

What additional features can be utilized?

Online voting tools offer various additional features, such as the ability to schedule surveys or automatically evaluate votes. Some tools also provide the option to create visual representations of the results or track participants in real-time on a map. Familiarize yourself with the available features and options before using the tool.

What are the benefits of interactive feedback, appealing design, and convenient forms for meetings?

Interactive feedback allows for active participant engagement and creates a stronger foundation for engagement. Appealing design can help participants perceive the survey or vote as more professional and reliable. Convenient forms can help keep participation barriers as low as possible, ensuring a high number of participants. All these factors contribute to the success of a survey or vote and provide meaningful results.

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