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The best free online booking system- The comparison 2024

Richard Gödel
CTO @ meetergo
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The importance of online booking systems for companies is undisputed in this day and age. The ability to book appointments online around the clock means that customers can make bookings at any time, regardless of the company's opening hours.

This increases customer satisfaction and contributes to customer loyalty. At the same time, booking systems offer better control over their scheduling, higher utilization of their resources, and improved management of their customer data.

Automation of bookings and email notifications also reduces administrative work. Companies that rely on an effective online booking system can thus not only increase customer satisfaction, but also boost their efficiency and sales.

Funktionen Buchungssysteme

Functions of online booking systems

What exactly are the functions of online booking systems? What benefits do they offer to companies and their customers? In this article, we will take a look at the main features of online booking systems and how these features can help companies automate their appointment scheduling process, save time and money, and increase their customer satisfaction. First of all, the functions of online appointment booking can be very versatile.

We'll also highlight some of the best free online booking systems, including meetergo, which offer a variety of features to help businesses of all sizes and industries. Read on to learn more about how to choose the best online appointment booking system and what features you should consider.

Important functions

The best online booking systems offer a variety of features that simplify the process of online bookings for businesses and customers alike. High-quality online booking software allows customers to see real-time availability and make bookings when and where it's convenient for them. This can help reduce no-shows and increase customer satisfaction.

In addition to online booking, the best systems should also offer online payment options. This offers customers a convenient way to pay for their bookings and can help simplify the payment process for the company.

Another important feature to consider when choosing online booking software is the price-performance ratio. The best software providers offer powerful features at a fair price. These can include marketing tools, an online calendar to manage bookings and telephone support in case of problems or questions.

Some of the best online booking systems even offer the possibility to create QR codes. These can be scanned by customers to quickly and easily access the booking page. This can provide another level of convenience for customers and help increase the number of online bookings.

Appointment booking around the clock

One of the functions of online booking systems is the ability to provide around-the-clock appointment booking. Customers today have high expectations of the availability of companies and expect quick and easy access to their services.

With an online booking system, companies can meet these expectations and, through the features, offer their customers the flexibility to make appointments at any time of the day or night. This can not only increase customer satisfaction, but also boost sales by allowing companies to book more appointments and maximize their utilization.

In addition, with an online booking system, companies can save time and resources by eliminating the need to manually process and confirm appointment requests. Instead, they can use automated online appointment booking to confirm customer requests and send appointment reminders. Overall, the ability to offer around-the-clock appointment booking is an important benefit of online booking systems that helps companies stay competitive and strengthen customer loyalty.

Digitale Visitenakarte meetergo

Customers online booking via website, social media & offline

Customers can access the booking software via the company website, social media and even offline, for example via digital business cards. This means that customers are able to book appointments anytime and from anywhere, which increases their customer satisfaction and enables the company to generate more bookings.

Integrate online appointment booking on the website

Incorporating booking tools on a website can look different depending on the provider, but there are usually some basic steps that need to be followed:

  1. Choose the booking software you want to embed on your website.
  2. Create an account with the appropriate provider and configure your booking options.
  3. Generate the code required to include the booking tool on your website. This may look different depending on the provider and may require some technical knowledge.
  4. Paste the generated code into the HTML code of your web page, at the place where you want to display the booking software.
  5. Booking software

It is important to note that the integration of booking tools on a website can vary depending on the provider and the specific requirements of the user. It may also be wise to seek professional help in setting up and integrating booking tools on your website to ensure that everything works smoothly.

Appointment reminder to avoid missed appointments

Email notifications and appointment reminders

Another important benefit of online booking systems such as meetergo is the ability to send automated email notifications and appointment reminders to customers. Once a customer has booked an appointment, the system can automatically send a confirmation email containing the details of the appointment.

In addition, the system can also send appointment reminders by email to ensure that the customer does not forget the appointment. These functions are not only convenient for customers, but also help to reduce missed appointments and improve the efficiency of appointment management.

E-Mail-Marketing für Hotels, KMU und andere Business Dienste

Use in email marketing

Integrating booking tools into email marketing campaigns can help increase conversion rates and improve customer engagement. With booking CTAs in emails, recipients can book appointments or register for events directly from an email without having to go to a separate booking page.

This makes the booking process easier and more convenient for the customer, which can lead to more appointments being booked. In addition, integrating booking tools with email campaigns can send automated email notifications and appointment reminders to customers, which can help improve customer satisfaction.

How can I take online payment for appointment booking?

If you use a tool for your appointments, it is important to have a way to take payments online. This can automate payment processing and improve customer service. Here are some ways you can take payment online for your appointment booking:

  1. Payment via the tool: Some booking tools offer integrated payment processing that allows you to take payment directly through the tool. However, in doing so, you may have to pay a fee to the provider.
  2. External payment processing: Alternatively, you can use a separate payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe to receive payments online. The booking tool can then be configured to reference the payment gateway and confirm the appointment after successful payment.
  3. Offer customer service: It is also possible to give your customers the option to pay cash on the spot, if this is relevant for your courses or seminars. In this case, you can use the booking tool to reserve the appointment, but the payment will be made in cash.

Overall, there are many ways you can take payments online for your appointment bookings. Choose the system that best suits your business and requirements.

Control of the workload and scheduling

An important function of online booking systems is utilization control and scheduling. By automatically managing appointments and bookings, the system can monitor utilization in real time and provide companies with valuable insights into their business operations.

This helps avoid bottlenecks or overbooking to ensure that all appointments run smoothly. In addition, intelligent appointment scheduling and management can save time and money by eliminating the need for them to manually manage bookings or send confirmations. An online booking system can also effectively manage the availability of staff and resources, ensuring that they provide the best possible service to their customers at all times.

Online booking systems provider comparison

When it comes to choosing an online booking system, it can be difficult to find the right one from the multitude of providers. Each provider has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as different features and prices.

To make the best choice, it is important to compare different providers and evaluate their services. In this article, some of the leading online booking system providers are compared to help choose the right system.

Integrate booking systems into CMS systems like WordPress

If you already have a website on a content management system platform like WordPress, you can easily integrate an online booking system into your existing website. Here are some steps that can help you do that:

  1. Select a suitable online booking system such as meetergo and create an account.
  2. Copy the system website embed code.
  3. Open your WordPress website and navigate to the Dashboard.
  4. Select "Pages" and click "Edit" for the page where you want to embed the booking tool.
  5. Paste the website code of the online booking system into the HTML code block of the page.
  6. Save the changes and publish the page.
  7. Check the page to make sure the booking tool is working properly.

By incorporating an online booking system into your website, you can offer your customers a user-friendly way to schedule appointments and maximize your utilization.

Meetergo presentation

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  • Easy setup and suitable for solo users
  • Not DSGVO compliant


You can find a detailed comparison with meetergo here.

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  • Known survey tool offers
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  • Has problems since the relaunch
Timify Dashboard -


You can find a detailed comparison with meetergo here.

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Square Appointments Dashboard

Square Appointments

  • US supplier
  • Not GDPR compliant
  • Suitable for US companies

Chili Piper

You can find a detailed comparison with meetergo here.

  • US supplier
  • Not DSGVO compliant
  • Native integrations with CRM systems

Possible uses of meetergo

From small service providers to large corporations, meetergo offers a wide range of features and customization options that enable users to automate and optimize their business processes.

For SMEs and other companies

meetergo is not only a suitable option for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and other companies. The online booking system is ideal for companies that want to serve their customers online, relying on effective appointment management.

meetergo offers a cost-effective solution for companies that want to take their business to the next level by providing their customers with a convenient and simple online booking process. Whether it's a service provider, a freelancer, a gym, a hair salon or a medical practice, meetergo offers the tools needed to simplify appointment management and optimize operations.

For tech companies & the consulting industry

meetergo is particularly suitable for tech companies and the consulting industry. These industries often have customers who are tech-savvy and familiar with digital tools. Therefore, online booking systems like meetergo are a natural choice to simplify and automate booking and scheduling.

By integrating meetergo into their own website or social media channels, these companies can offer a seamless user experience and handle customer inquiries quickly and efficiently. They can also optimize staff utilization and manage scheduling centrally.

For service providers, hotels, courses and workshops

The option of booking appointments online enables customers to make bookings at any time and from anywhere, which simplifies and speeds up the booking process. Flexible appointment management makes it possible to cover even complex booking requirements such as booking multiple appointments or taking breaks and resources such as premises or staff for courses, for example, into account.

In addition, meetergo offers features such as appointment reminders, email notifications and workload control that make it easier for companies to keep track of their appointments and provide a better customer experience.

For the event industry

meetergo offers event organizers the ability to easily manage and organize their events online. With meetergo, event organizers can plan, book and manage their events online, including the ability to manage bookings and reservations for conference rooms, hotels, catering and other services.

In addition, meetergo offers features such as appointment reminders and automatic e-mail notifications to ensure that attendees keep their appointments and organizers are always kept up to date. The ability to book appointments around the clock also makes it much easier to organize events.

For companies in the events industry, which often offer a variety of services and resources, managing and coordinating all of these elements can be a challenge. meetergo helps automate and simplify these tasks, saving time and resources and enabling more efficient event organization.



What online booking systems are available?

There are numerous online appointment booking software that can assist in managing their bookings and scheduling. Here are some examples:

  1. meetergo
  2. Calendly
  3. Acuity Scheduling
  4. Doodle
  6. Bookwhen
  7. Setmore
  9. Schedulicity
  10. Appointy
  11. Timely
  12. Timify
  13. Wix Bookings
  14. Square Appointments
  15. Booksteam
  16. Skedda
  17. Reservio
  18. SuperSaaS
  19. eDate
  20. cituro
  21. Agendize
  22. GigaBook
  23. FlexBooker
  24. Bookeo

What is an online booking?

An online booking refers to the process of making appointments or booking services or products via the Internet. By using online booking systems, customers can book appointments 24/7 without having to wait for company opening hours or staff availability.

Online bookings offer businesses a fast and efficient way to manage appointments and sell their services or products online.

What is SimplyBook me? is an online booking system that helps businesses and service providers automate appointment bookings, reservations and customer management. With, companies can offer different types of appointments and bookings, such as customer appointments, classes, events and much more. The system also provides tools for managing client and employee information, processing payments and generating reports. is a web-based platform that can be used through a web browser or mobile apps.

What is a booking platform?

A booking platform is a website or application that enables companies and customers to make online bookings for products or services. It is essentially a digital platform where companies present their available products or services and customers are able to book them directly. Booking platforms can be used for a variety of industries and purposes, from reserving hotel rooms and flights to booking appointments with hairdressers, doctors or other service providers.

How much does Wix Booking cost?

Wix Booking is included in Wix. Prices for Wix start at 11,90€ per month for the "Combo" package and go up to 34,51€ per month for the "VIP" package.

How does online reservation work?

Online reservations are a convenient and popular way to take bookings and reservations online. The functions and processes can vary depending on the booking platform and industry, but there are some basic functions and steps that are usually involved in an online reservation.

The booking or reservation is usually made via a booking platform or a booking tool that is integrated on the provider's website or mobile app. Customers can choose from various options such as courses, seminars or other services and book them directly online.

After selecting the desired offer and setting the date and time, the booking is usually completed by entering customer data and a payment. Depending on the platform and provider, payment can be processed either directly on the platform or via an external payment method such as PayPal or credit card.

To optimize customer service and communication, the online booking engine can send a confirmation of the booking to the customer by email or SMS and automatically send an appointment reminder before the appointment.

Overall, online reservations offer a convenient and efficient way to manage appointments and bookings in various industries such as the tourism industry, the wellness industry, the course and seminar industry, or even in the business environment. By integrating booking tools into email marketing campaigns, providers can also promote their offers and events in a targeted manner and automate the remuneration of reservations and bookings.

What is a booking tool?

A booking tool is a software application that enables companies and service providers to make their services available online and allow their customers to book these services. Booking tools can be integrated on a website or mobile app and offer features such as appointment scheduling, online payment, appointment reminders, and notifications. Booking tools are particularly useful for appointment-based businesses, such as hairdressers, therapists, consultants or trainers, as they allow them to automate their appointment management while improving customer retention.

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