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How to write an appointment confirmation - incl. sample interview

Richard Gödel
CTO @ meetergo
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What is an appointment confirmation?

An appointment confirmation is a written or verbal confirmation of an agreed appointment. It serves to avoid misunderstandings and to signal the binding nature of the appointment.

Whether by mail or by post, formulating an appointment confirmation is an important task. It is about informing the addressee that the discussed appointment will take place as scheduled. You can discuss this over the phone or send a confirmation by email. Make sure that your mail does not look dusty or old-fashioned. Use a formal phrase, but avoid sounding too stiff. A brief note confirming the appointment and expressing that the appointment is a good fit may suffice.

You can also use a sample template to ensure that all important information is included. Remember that your company's image is also reflected in the way you handle communication. A well-worded, timely appointment confirmation can leave a positive impression and emphasize the value of the occasion.

If you confirm the appointment in writing, make sure your stationery and cover letters are professional and representative of your company. Whether you hold the appointment in person or organize it through Outlook, clear and concise communication is critical to ensure it works.

Why is appointment confirmation important?

Confirming an appointment is not only a polite gesture, but also a sign of professionalism. It shows the recipient that you take the appointment seriously and that you are looking forward to the meeting.

How do I formulate an appointment confirmation?

The wording of an appointment confirmation can vary depending on the occasion. Here are some tips on how to formulate an appointment confirmation:

  • Start with an appropriate salutation.
  • Confirm the appointment and provide all relevant details (date, time, location).
  • Add additional information if necessary, such as directions or the purpose of the meeting.
  • Conclude with an appropriate greeting.

Appointment confirmation for an interview

Confirming an appointment for an interview is a crucial step in the application process. It serves not only to confirm the appointment and clarify details such as date, time and place, but also to prepare the applicant for the interview. The confirmation may also include information about the topics to be discussed, the participants in the interview, and any documentation that may be required. It is important to word this confirmation professionally and politely in order to make a positive first impression and motivate the applicant for the interview.

Appointment confirmation by e-mail

An appointment confirmation email is an essential part of modern business communication. It is used to confirm a scheduled appointment and record all relevant details such as date, time and location. It may also contain additional information, such as the purpose of the meeting or special instructions. A well-worded appointment confirmation email shows professionalism and respect for the recipient. It helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures that everyone involved is aware of the details planned. It is important that the email is clear, concise and polite to leave a positive impression.

Appointment confirmation verbal

A verbal appointment confirmation, whether in person or over the phone, is a direct and personal way to confirm an appointment. It offers the opportunity to clarify immediate queries and provide a sense of direct communication. However, it also carries the risk of misunderstanding because there is no written record of the details. Therefore, it is important to be clear and concise when confirming an appointment verbally. One should confirm all relevant details such as the date, time, and location of the meeting and make sure the other party understands this information. It can also be helpful to supplement the verbal confirmation with a written follow-up, such as an email, to keep all the details in black and white.

Appointment confirmation in writing

A written appointment confirmation can be made by letter or e-mail. It offers the advantage that all details of the appointment are recorded in black and white.

Free Appointment Confirmation Sample Templates

There are many free sample appointment confirmation templates on the Internet. These can serve as inspiration when you formulate your own appointment confirmation.

Email Template 1: Meeting Appointment Confirmation

Subject: Confirmation of the appointment for the meeting made by phone.

Dear [contact person],

I would like to confirm the appointment made by telephone for the meeting on [date] at [time].

The meeting will take place as discussed in our office at Musterstraße 1 in 12345 Musterstadt.

In addition to myself, [other participants] will also be present. We look forward to discussing the [meeting topic] with you.

If you are unable to make the appointment, please let me know in a short and timely manner.

Thank you very much and see you soon,

[Your Name]

Managing Director

Appointment Confirmation Interview Email Template 2

Subject: Confirmation of your interview on [date].

Dear [name of recipient],

I am pleased to inform you that our scheduled interview on [date] at [time] is confirmed.

The interview will take place in our office at Musterstraße 1 in 12345 Musterstadt.

Agenda of the interview

  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Discussion about your application and qualifications
  3. Information about the position and our company
  4. Questions and answers
  5. Next steps

Please let me know if you need more information or if anything changes.

I look forward to our meeting and thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

[Your Name]

[Your position]

Automation of appointment confirmations with meetergo

meetergo is an innovative tool that enables the automation of appointment confirmations. By using meetergo, companies and individuals can greatly simplify the appointment confirmation process and make it more efficient. Once an appointment is made, meetergo automatically sends a confirmation to all parties involved. This confirmation contains all relevant information about the appointment, including date, time and location.

In addition, meetergo offers the possibility to send reminders before the appointment to ensure that all participants keep track of the appointment. By automating this process with meetergo, misunderstandings and double bookings can be avoided, resulting in improved appointment scheduling and ultimately higher productivity.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of an appointment confirmation?

The purpose of an appointment confirmation is to confirm the details of an agreed appointment and avoid misunderstandings. It also serves to signal the binding nature of the appointment and to inform the recipient that you take the appointment seriously.

How do I formulate an appointment confirmation?

An appointment confirmation should include the relevant details of the appointment (date, time, location) and be written in a polite and professional tone. You can use a formal or informal salutation, depending on what is appropriate in your situation.

What do I do if I cannot keep an appointment?

If you cannot keep an appointment, you should inform the other participant as soon as possible. You can send an email or call to cancel the appointment and suggest a new date.

Can I send an appointment confirmation by e-mail?

Yes, confirming an appointment via email is a common and efficient way to confirm an appointment. Make sure your email is professionally formatted and includes all relevant information.

Final thoughts on appointment confirmation

Confirming an appointment is an important step in the communication between two parties. It shows respect and professionalism and helps avoid misunderstandings. Whether verbal or written, a well-worded appointment confirmation can leave a positive impression.

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