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From prospects to customers: Generate and convert qualified leads

Richard Gödel
CTO @ meetergo
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With the increasing importance of online marketing, generating qualified leads is becoming more and more important. But what are qualified leads? How can you generate and qualify leads? And how can you increase sales through qualified leads? These questions are answered in this article.

What are qualified leads?

A lead is a potential customer who shows interest in a product or service. Qualified leads, however, are potential customers who, based on certain criteria, are considered promising for sales and conversion into paying customers. Unqualified leads, on the other hand, are people who are interested in a product or service but do not fit into the target group or are not yet ready to buy.

Importance of qualified leads

Qualified leads are important to save time and resources. Sales teams can focus their efforts on potential customers who are ready and able to buy a product or service. This way, companies can increase their conversion rates and sales.

Role of leads in generating qualified leads

Potentially interested customers are the starting point for generating qualified leads. However, it is important to identify those customers who are most likely to become paying customers.

How to qualify a lead

Necessary process steps

Qualifying leads is a process that involves several steps. First, potential customers must be identified who are most likely to become paying customers. Then, these leads must be captured using a form or other tool. Then, the respective leads must be qualified based on certain criteria, such as their budgets, purchase intentions, or company size.

Services or products for qualification

There are various services or products that can be used for lead qualification. For example, companies can offer free e-books or whitepapers to gather information about potential customers. This information can ultimately help qualify leads. Also, a tool like meetergo can directly provide a lead with an online appointment booking.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are leads in which marketing activities have generated interest in a company or its products. However, these leads cannot yet be considered ready for sales. In contrast, Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) are already qualified and ready for sales.

Generate qualified leads

Measures to generate leads

There are various measures that can be used to generate qualified leads, such as placing online ads, optimizing landing pages, or using social media marketing.

Automate lead generation process

The lead generation process can be automated through the use of marketing automation tools. These tools can facilitate lead measurement and analysis, as well as enable personalized campaigns and automated email sequences.

Role of lead magnets in lead generation

Lead magnets are offers that motivate potential customers to provide their contact information. These offers can be free e-books or whitepapers, for example. By providing such offers, companies can generate qualified leads.

Increase sales through qualified leads

Nurturing during lead conversion

Nurturing is an essential part of lead conversion. By nurturing qualified leads in a targeted manner, companies can increase the likelihood that they will become paying customers.

Targeted campaigns to convert qualified leads into new customers

Targeted campaigns can help convert qualified leads into paying customers. By offering special deals, discounts, or other incentives, companies can convince potential customers to buy a product or service.

Tools and whitepapers help with lead generation and conversion

There are several tools and whitepapers that can help companies generate and convert qualified leads. For example, companies can use Salesforce or other CRM tools to improve the lead management process. E-books and whitepapers can also help companies gather information about potential customers and qualify leads.

Overall, the generation and conversion of qualified leads is an essential part of the marketing and sales process. By using targeted measures and tools, companies can increase their conversion rates and boost sales.

meetergo lead qualifizierung

Qualified leads: Effective real-time qualification with meetergo

To be successful in marketing and sales, generating qualified leads is critical. A lead refers to a person or company that has shown interest in a company's products or services. However, not every lead is the same, and not all leads are the same fit for a particular company. Therefore, it is important for businesses to qualify their leads in order to invest time and energy into promising potential customers.

Qualifying a lead involves gathering information about the prospect, such as company size and industry. With the help of tools such as meetergo, this information can be captured in real time on the website. meetergo is an advanced lead management software that enables companies to efficiently qualify their generated leads and find the right contact for the potential customer.

Lead scoring in meetergo evaluates and prioritizes leads based on their interactions with the website and other marketing activities. This scoring helps identify which leads are most likely to be a good fit for their business and have already shown some interest. Unqualified leads are identified and can be further introduced into the sales cycle with targeted marketing and sales strategies.

A key benefit of meetergo is that it enables sales staff to get to know customers better and make contact more quickly. The software links the qualified leads to the online booking calendar of the appropriate contact person, enabling them to get in touch with potential customers in a timely manner. This leads to more effective lead nurturing and an optimized follow-up process.

In addition, meetergo helps companies integrate the generated leads into their customer relationship management (CRM) and enables seamless collaboration between sales and marketing. The software delivers detailed information about the prospect to the CRM system, which helps salespeople better understand the customer and identify their readiness to buy.

Overall, meetergo is a valuable tool for companies to help them generate, qualify and lead qualified leads into the sales cycle in real time. By combining marketing and sales strategies and effectively leveraging information about potential customers, companies can optimize their lead generation and lead management and ultimately close more successful sales.

Frequently asked questions

What is meant by lead generation?

Lead generation is a process of getting prospects to leave their contact information, such as name, email address, or phone number, to turn them into potential customers.

What is an interested party?

A prospect is a person who is interested in your company and/or your products and services, but is not yet a paying customer.

What is an MQL?

An MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) is a prospect who has entered the sales funnel through marketing activities and could potentially be qualified to become an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead).

What is lead qualification?

Qualifying leads checks which potential customers are actually interested in your company and how big the chance is to convert them into paying customers.

What is a SQL?

A SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) is a potential customer who has gone through a sales process and is considered qualified. This means he is ready to become a paying customer.

What is the goal of lead generation?

The goal of lead generation is to generate qualified leads, qualify them and eventually convert them into paying customers to generate more revenue.

What is lead management?

Lead management is a process of guiding potential customers through the customer journey to convert them into qualified and paying customers.

What is the goal of Lead scoring?

The goal of lead scoring is to evaluate and qualify potential customers based on specific criteria to ensure that the company's sales-related resources are used effectively.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that directs potential customers to your website through high-quality content to engage them as prospects and convert them to customers.

How can sales and marketing teams work together to generate more leads?

Close interaction between sales and marketing teams is critical to maximize lead generation effectiveness. Marketing teams should have tools and strategies in place to generate interesting leads, while the sales team is engaged in converting the qualified leads and turning them into customers.

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