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More customers through more data protection

Richard Gödel
CTO @ meetergo
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Marketing, lead generation and customer acquisition largely runs through the company's own website. This strategy of acquisition promises productive numbers that increase sales and thus success. While this measure gets a lot of attention, data protection in lead as well as customer generation often turns out to be less thorough. Yet the highest level of data protection is an essential aspect that should not be underestimated, especially in the B2B sector for SMEs and enterprise companies.

By hosting the landing page, website or CRM in Germany and Switzerland, you ensure that you comply with the DSGVO at all times. The crystal-clear transparency shows professionalism and presents you as a trustworthy partner. Valuable leads become customers, who become existing customers through excellent customer management. You can do all this easily and quickly with the Swiss marketing software from Friendly. The open start-up from Switzerland is your guarantee for 100% data protection on all channels.

With Friendly you can implement the highest level of data protection on your website quickly and easily.

In this article, we'll show you how integrating Friendly can help you increase your customer numbers and Increase lead generation and take your business to the next level of success. We give you tips on how to implement the complex topic of data protection on your website and how to use it productively for acquisition. You'll also learn which areas you can automate with Friendly to make your team's workflows even more effective and which useful functions the Swiss marketing software has in store for you.

With the highest level of data protection, you set an example for your customers that is convincing and trustworthy - this article and the integration of Friendly will help you implement this.

DSGVO professionally implemented on your website

Data protection and compliance with the GDPR should no longer be foreign words for website operators and providers. Since 2018, the strict rules apply in Switzerland and the entire EU. The principles for processing personal data ensure that a lot has to be taken into account when creating a website as a marketing measure. Although many are already aware of this and pay close attention to data processing in private, there is often a lack of implementation on their own website.

On websites for customer generation and lead generation, data is collected and processed directly at several points. For example, newsletter registrations, the use of CRM systems, the sale of products, registrations for events and visits to the website all generate data that is processed in different ways. These are:

  • First and last name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Company data
  • Job title
  • Payment information
  • IP address
  • Place and language
  • Cookies
  • Browser and web information

In principle, the storage and processing of this data is only lawful if it is required for a permissible purpose. According to the GDPR, permissible purposes exist in three specific cases.

Data processing during contract initiation

Although data may be collected and stored when a contract is in the offing, this is difficult to prove. However, since it must be proven whether the data processing is permissible, the extent to which a contract has actually been initiated should be weighed up. For example, a clear expression of interest or a request to send an offer are indications that a contract has been initiated and are therefore grounds for data processing.

Data processing based on legitimate interest

A balancing of interests should also be carried out when processing data in the case of legitimate interest. The precise documentation of the balancing of interests makes the reasons for data processing transparent and provides better protection in the event of a conflict. An action can still be taken if the individuals do not agree.

In the case of legitimate interest, there are also restrictions. For example, the sending of e-mails is not permitted.

Consent to data processing

A secure variant for data processing is the consent by the website visitor himself. Interested parties can give their consent to data processing by phone, e-mail, mail or by confirming it in the contact form. By explicitly granting consent, leads and customers can inform themselves and you fulfill your obligation to provide proof in any case.

DSGVO compliant website through hosting in Germany and Switzerland

By hosting your website directly on a server located in Germany or Switzerland, you are on the safest side. Marketing softwares such as Friendly know what is important for a DSGVO-compliant website. CRM systems and lead generation software from Germany and Switzerland must also comply with the GDPR and protect user data.

A GDPR-compliant marketing software is your secure way to easily and effectively protect your leads' and customers' data. You don't need to deal with an IT lawyer or various external vendors. Consistently use systems that interlock and are DSGVO compliant. This way, leads and customers will come by themselves.

100% data protection for productive lead generation and customer acquisition

The stricter rules of the General Data Protection Regulation have unsettled B2B companies in particular. How can new customers be acquired when sending newsletters and exchanging goodies for the email address is becoming increasingly difficult? Is lead generation even compatible with the GDPR?

For us it is clear: lead generation and data protection are not mutually exclusive! Quite the opposite. Relying on 100 percent data protection is even a way to convince leads and customers that you are the right choice.

Lead generation despite DSGVO - this is how it works!

Only with productive lead generation can paying customers be recorded. Leads are a great source of revenue, especially in B2B, and should not be underestimated. Marketing automations like the ones from Friendly help you to gain leads in an automated way. The only important thing is that the marketing automation you use is fully compliant with the GDPR. You can ensure this by choosing a provider based in Switzerland or Germany.

Marketing automation takes over essential work steps, saving you time and making your workflow even more efficient. A marketing automation tool takes over the following areas:

  • Data storage
  • DSGVO compliant double opt-in campaign
  • Information tracking
  • Sending information

Relying on a double opt-in campaign is essential for a GDPR-compliant lead generation absolutely necessary. Because without the additional consent or a double opt-in email, you are not allowed to send your leads or customers any further information. So, if the double opt-in campaign is not completed, no lead has been acquired yet.

However, before you can secure yourself via the double opt-in process, you need information from the registration form in the first place. This should inform your prospects about the following:

  • Information they receive by e-mail
  • What happens with your data
  • How to cancel your registration

If you specifically recruit interested parties and generate tailored content for your leads, you can easily increase your lead numbers even while complying with the GDPR. By integrating a marketing automation system based in Switzerland or Germany, you can even simplify your lead generation and free up more time for other work steps. We go even further and say: GDPR compliance gives you a decisive competitive advantage.

Convincing customers with consistent data security

As already mentioned, data protection is crucial when it comes to a professional appearance as a company or provider. While fewer consumers in the B2C sector are familiar with the basic regulations on data security, the situation is completely different in the B2B sector. Here, great importance is attached to protecting internal company data and handling processing with care.

Paying attention to data security is a sign of professionalism. And nowhere is professionalism more in demand than in communication with other companies. After all, what counts here are convincing services, added value for the company, and secure collaboration. By offering 100 percent data protection on your website and presenting this transparently, you show directly that the security of external company data is important to you. Your customers, whether B2B or B2C, will feel well protected with you as a partner and will trust you more quickly.

Trusting you as a secure provider makes it much easier to conclude a contract and you record higher customer numbers in less time. In addition, with a marketing automation, you skilfully implement data protection, so that you don 't have to bother your website visitors with cookies. Your website becomes much more user-friendly, converting prospects into valuable leads.

The use of marketing automation also ensures that administrative tasks are taken over and distributed directly to the right people. You automate work steps that would otherwise cost you and your team a lot of time and thus revenue.

Consistently implementing data protection on the website and in internal processes is an important step towards increasing your sales figures and improving the workflow in your company even more effectively. With a marketing software, you can implement this easily and quickly and also benefit from other useful functions.

Features of your GDPR-compliant marketing software

Just like an appointment scheduler online for lead generation and B2B marketing, marketing software helps you automate your processes and increase your customer numbers through effective actions.

For example, you can automatically segment your contacts or address leads in an automated yet individualized way. Relevant content is offered tailored to the different leads, turning them into paying customers. To classify leads, lead scoring is also simplified for you, as the activities per lead are evaluated by the software. Your team effectively follows up on the most valuable leads and records productive numbers.

To create targeted content and send it via email, you use a privacy-friendly newsletter tool. In conjunction with an integrated CRM or by linking your existing CRM, you can keep track of your leads and customers. You can filter which support is needed by which contact. Once a purchase is completed, you receive comprehensive reports that are essential for optimizing your business.

In order to be perceived as a professional provider not only in the background but also visibly, you set up individual landing pages with the help of templates and use useful forms that give you the necessary information from your users. Your corporate design additionally convinces your customers of your professionalism.

Furthermore, you are well positioned with a variant from Switzerland or Germany. You rely on data protection-friendly hosting and store the data you need to store securely in Switzerland or the EU. As open source software, you also have the option of hosting your software and data on your own server.

Benefit from unlimited support, a 100% GDPR compliant software and promote your business with a functional marketing software through increased customer numbers.

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