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7 Lead Generation Measures - Content Marketing & B2B

Richard Gödel
CTO @ meetergo
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Digitization has changed the way companies acquire potential customers. Lead generation, which is identifying people who might be interested in a company's products and services, is an important part of customer acquisition. In this article we will introduce you to some proven measures for lead generation & in the B2B area.

What is lead generation and why is important?

Lead generation is the process of identifying people who might be interested in a company's products or services. These people are called leads and can be potential customers. The aim of lead generation is to collect contact details of prospects and include them in the sales funnel in order to convert them.

Why is lead generation important for B2B companies?

The generation of qualified leads is a crucial factor in B2B marketing. Without a steady flow of high-quality leads, it becomes difficult to meet the company's revenue and growth goals. Successful lead generation can allow the company to expand its customer base and generate new revenue.

Lead Generation vs. Sales - What's the Difference?

Unlike sales, lead generation is not about directly selling a product or service to the customer. Rather, it's about preparing potential customers for the sales funnel and showing them why the company is relevant and important to their needs. Rather than trying to sell directly, lead generation is designed to encourage the customer's interaction with the company and invite them to get in touch or request more information.

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As a B2B company, how can I generate high-quality leads?

Identify target group

In order to be successful in lead generation, it is important to know the target group in detail. This is the only way to ensure that your marketing message is relevant and engaging. A buyer persona analysis can help to better understand your target group and to meet their needs.

Offer added value in content marketing

Prospects will only leave you their contact details if they are convinced of your company and your products or services. By providing valuable information and value in your content, you can bring potential customers down the sales funnel. To do this, use a combination of different types of content such as blog articles, videos, infographics and case studies.

Use landing pages

Landing pages are special websites designed to generate leads. By creating a landing page that targets a specific topic, you can address your target audience directly. Offer added value by offering free information material or a consultation. The landing page should ensure that prospects want to leave their contact details in order to receive the added value.

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Which measures are most effective?

Webinars as an effective measure for lead generation in B2B

Webinars are an effective B2B lead generation tool as they allow you to demonstrate your expertise in a specific area. You can target potential customers by offering valuable information and answering questions. Use webinars as a way to give your customers and prospects a better understanding of your service or product.

Newsletter as a long-term measure for lead generation

Newsletters can be an important part of your long-term lead generation strategy. By giving prospects the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter, you can engage your target group in the long term and provide them with topic-related content. The newsletter should provide information about your industry and your company on a regular basis without being too pushy.

White papers and e-books as a means of attracting potential customers

White papers and e-books are informative documents that can engage potential customers while demonstrating your expertise. By offering this information for free, you can convince your target audience of your expertise. Use a landing page to collect prospects’ contact information and embed them in the sales funnel.

Content Marketing: Relevant content for lead generation

Content marketing is an effective way to target potential customers and generate quality leads. By creating relevant and engaging content, companies can capture the interest of their target audience and provide valuable information. This can be in the form of blog articles, white papers, case studies or e-books. A well thought out content plan and targeted distribution across different channels like social media and email marketing are crucial to reach potential customers and generate leads.

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How can I optimize my lead generation in B2B?

Optimize the conversion rate of your landing pages

To increase your conversion rate, you should continuously optimize your landing pages. Use clear call-to-action buttons, engaging images, and a clear navigation structure. A/B testing can help test different variations of your landing page and see which variation works best.

Optimize the sales funnel

The sales funnel should be optimized to encourage your customers to interact with your company. Use different touchpoints to guide your target audience through the funnel and offer them added value along the way. By structuring the sales funnel, you can take prospects from prospects to qualified leads to customers.

Generate high-quality leads by specifically addressing your buyer personas

By knowing your buyer personas well, you can tailor your marketing message to their needs. Use the information you've gathered about your audience to customize the content of your marketing campaign. By addressing them in a targeted manner, you can generate high-quality leads.

Which tools and channels are suitable for lead generation in B2B?

LinkedIn as an important network for B2B lead generation

LinkedIn is an important network for B2B companies because it offers a professional environment and makes it easier to reach decision makers. A well-completed business profile and regular posts can help attract potential customers to your business.

Forms for generating contact information

Forms on your website are an effective means of generating contact information. By asking prospects for their contact details while offering them value, you can bring prospects down your sales funnel. Make sure the forms are easy to understand and don't contain too many required fields.

Organic online marketing as a supplementary measure for lead generation

Organic online marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and content marketing, can be used as complementary measures for lead generation.

Successful B2B lead generation with meetergo: content, conversion and added value

meetergo is the ultimate tool for B2B companies to qualify and optimally use leads in real time. The innovative software allows you to instantly identify leads, assess their relevance and route them to the right place - be it a product video or an online appointment booking .

In addition, meetergo offers deal spaces and flows that you can use to analyze and optimize the quality of your content to better nurture and convert leads.

With meetergo you maximize your lead generation results and increase the effectiveness of your sales funnel in B2B marketing. Get valuable insights, improve your conversion rate and attract new customers by targeting leads at the right time and with relevant content.

Use meetergo to increase the number of leads generated and increase the success of your B2B marketing strategy . Learn how to design the perfect marketing funnel with meetergo and effectively convert your leads & nurture . Don't miss the opportunity to grow your business in the B2B space and get more paying customers.

With SEO measures, you can position your website better in the search engines and thus generate more visitors to your site. By tailoring your content to the needs of your audience, you can target potential customers and direct them to your website.
Social media marketing offers you the opportunity to be present on different channels and to make your brand better known. By also sharing your content on the social media platforms, you can generate more attention and gain new leads.

Content marketing, in turn, enables you to produce high-quality content that interests your target group and offers them added value. Through targeted content marketing, you can gain the trust of your potential customers and bind them to your brand in the long term.
Organic online marketing is an effective and affordable way to generate new leads and get your business in the digital media. By combining different measures and targeting them to your target group, you can increase your reach and be successful in the long term.  


What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the identification of potential customers (leads) and the creation of marketing measures aimed at collecting contact information from these potential customers.

Why is Content marketing important for lead generation?

Content marketing is important for lead generation as it allows providing relevant content to potential customers. Providing relevant content can generate interest and engagement with prospects, increasing the likelihood that they will provide contact information.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page specifically designed to convert visitors into leads. It usually contains only a few elements and is aimed at one goal, such as downloading an e-book or leaving contact details.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar that allows a company to easily convey content to potential customers while collecting contact information.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a process that takes prospects through different stages of the customer journey until they eventually become paying customers.

How to generate quality leads?

One way to generate quality leads is to create content tailored to the needs and interests of your target audience. Creating a clear buyer persona and using relevant keywords can also help to address potential customers.

Which measures are particularly suitable for B2B companies?

Measures such as creating white papers, offering webinars, using email campaigns and providing informative content are suitable for B2B companies to generate leads.

What is an eBook?

An e-book is a digital book that can usually be downloaded as a PDF file. It can be used for lead generation by offering it as a download on a landing page, requiring potential customers to provide their contact information in order to download the e-book.

How to increase the conversion rate?

The conversion rate can be increased through various measures such as optimizing landing pages, creating a clear customer journey and using meaningful call-to-actions.

How does an agency support companies in generating leads?

An agency can help companies identify their target audience and create relevant content. She can also help set up and manage a Lead generation campaign.

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