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GDPR compliant lead management

Richard Gödel
CTO @ meetergo
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Successful sales in the B2B or B2C sector can no longer do without efficient systems for processing leads. Every lead is a potential customer and should be processed in a targeted manner for precisely this reason. To ensure that your salespeople get the most out of every sales opportunity, you should place value on productive lead management.

Lead management software helps your sales team with lead generation, lead qualification and lead prioritization. Lead management automates time-consuming tasks so your sales team can focus on their sales. A lead management system allows you to

  • increase your sales by 349
  • Increase the value of your leads by 25%.
  • reduce the time of your completed sales to 1 minute

You want to know what you need for successful lead management? Do you want to automate your sales processes and generate more sales? Is your lead generation stagnating and you're looking for a suitable solution? We'll show you which functions DSGVO-compliant Lead Management from meetergo offers you to take your sales to the next level!

In our article on DSGVO-compliant, German lead management software, you will learn everything you need to know about lead generation and efficient lead management. Furthermore, we list the advantages that a German lead management system offers you and why you should pay close attention to data security.

Lead management as a bridge between lead generation and CRM

At the beginning of every sale, there is a prospective customer who has become aware of your product or service. With content tailored to the target group and the easiest possible way to contact them on your website, you can get them to enter their data. You have already successfully generated a lead. This is where your lead management comes into play and makes the decisive difference between successful and unsuccessful companies. After all, only those who convert their leads into customers can really derive success from marketing measures and lead generation.

Lead management software takes crucial steps away from your sales team and automates them. This results in a significant minimization of bounces, which increases your sales fourfold.

Optimize Lead Response Time with Excellent Lead Management

Whether your leads turn into paying customers depends not only on the content you offer them and how your sales team interacts with them, but most importantly, how quickly they hear back from you. The longer it takes for your leads to get a response to their inquiry, the more likely they are to bounce and move on to a competitor.

The lead management system of your 10to8 alternative optimizes your lead response time and shortens it to less than a minute. With meetergo on your website, your leads directly make an appointment for a meeting with your sales staff. Automated, the lead slides further down the lead funnel and closer to the sale in a short time. Without having to spend internal resources on a minimum lead response time.

Automated communications for efficient time & effort

By using the online scheduler on your website, you not only improve lead response time and save resources in this regard, but also make communication between your sales team and your leads as efficient as possible. No one from your sales team has to manually take care of the request and forward the lead to the appropriate place. In advance, the lead management system filters the needs of the lead so that the appropriate employee can be assigned directly.

If the meeting or phone call with the lead is imminent, you can be sure that no appointment will be missed and time wasted thanks to excellent lead management from meetergo. Your leads receive an automated reminder of the appointment. If an appointment doesn't fit, leads can make a new appointment on their own and, if their diary is full, they end up on a waiting list so that they automatically move up.

With the lead management software, your employees do not have to worry about the individual inquiries, appointment reminders or appointment rescheduling. This saves a lot of time and effort and ensures an efficient workflow with maximum concentration on productive sales.

Lead management for excellent transfer to CRM

Like most B2B companies, enterprise teams, or salespeople, you probably work with a CRM that takes care of your customer management and nurturing to existing and new customers. As helpful as a CRM is for sales, the transfer of data into the system can be a hindrance. If meetings are arranged, postponed or new data is communicated by mail, a manual transfer into the CRM is unavoidable without lead management software.

If you use a lead management system for your internal processes, the tedious transfer of data to the CRM is simply taken off your hands. With meetergo's lead management, data, appointments and postponements of your leads are automatically transferred to your CRM. This again saves time and effort for your sales staff, who can then concentrate fully on converting leads into customers.

By using lead management, you bridge the gap between lead generation and CRM. You simplify your processes by automating essential key points and thus ensure the holistic efficiency of your sales team.

Successfully increase sales with your lead management functions

The functions of a lead management software turn a small support into an all-in-one solution. Thus, your lead management not only provides you with lead generation and lead qualification, but also with functions that simplify the entire organization of your team and your appointments.

Create categories and filters for your leads

To make your lead management as efficient and clear as possible, meetergo allows you to create categories for your leads and thus bypass manual steps in the automated appointment allocation process. The leads are specifically assigned to the appropriate contact persons. If several departments need to work together, your sales staff can use the categories to filter for the information they need. In this way, the meetergo solution simplifies your pipeline management and increases your sales by providing tailored solutions for leads and customers.

Synchronize your calendars

Not only meetings with leads are synchronized with your calendars through the lead management system, but also internal team processes benefit from synchronized data in your calendars. Vacation days, holidays, sick days or internal meetings become visible for your sales employees with the calendar synchronization, which simplifies communication.

Company and team-internal meetings are still quickly arranged, as the online scheduler analyzes interfaces and transfers a suitable appointment directly to the calendars of the team members. This way, appointment overlaps and double bookings are avoided. You continue to save time and effort in communication.

Internal handover of leads and customers easier than ever before

The German Zoom alternative meetergo connect is your meeting platform with peer-to-peer networking. You communicate with leads and customers in top quality and 100% DSGVO-compliant. If your meeting requires the expertise of another employee or a team member from another sales area takes over, meetergo's lead management makes internal handover easier than ever.

Thanks to the video platform integrated into the software, you can call in a colleague in just a few steps or hand over the lead or customer entirely to your colleague. Without much waiting time or additional requests to your colleague. This professionalism also leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Convince with 100% GDPR-compliant lead management

The market offers a wide range of options for lead management, but very few of them are truly GDPR-compliant, as data protection seems difficult to implement, especially in the B2B sector. Because the highest level of data protection on the website can increase customer numbers, with your lead management from meetergo you benefit from 100% GDPR-compliant data processing in all areas.

Your German Chili Piper alternative convinces your customers from the B2B sector, since especially companies and enterprise teams pay attention to a secure processing of sensitive data. Respecting the GDPR in all processes makes you stand out from the crowd, underlining your position as a professional provider and thus promoting your sales.

Adapt your lead management to your needs

Every team is different and works differently. So when it comes to lead management, there is no one solution that fits all sales teams. Whether you work alone, in pairs or in a large team: meetergo's Lead Management supports you in your processes. Appointments are distributed according to the Round Robin principle, so that the proportions of appointments are always right. Depending on what you need for your appointments, we have the right package for you.

Furthermore, we want to give you the greatest freedom and options for your workflow. For this reason, we have already integrated many useful integrations such as Zapier into Lead Management and are constantly working on expanding our offering.

The final polish of your lead management is in your own hands. Because sometimes it's the small details that finally convince a customer of your offer. Implement your corporate design on the booking page or in communication with customers. Your individual branding will make you stand out from the crowd and once again convince your customers with relevant professionalism.

Consistent presentation, simple communication, structured processes and high-level data security distinguish your sales team with meetergo's lead management and make you the leading provider. You simplify your sales processes and close 4x more deals through effective lead management.

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