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Top 12 Best Doodle Alternatives in 2024 to Schedule Meetings

Dominik Rapacki
CEO @meetergo
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In today's fast-paced business environment, scheduling meetings efficiently is crucial for maintaining productivity and collaboration. While Doodle has long been a popular choice for scheduling, it's always worth exploring alternatives that offer even more functionality and features. In this article, we will discuss the top 12 Doodle alternatives that are considered the best for scheduling meetings in 2024. These alternatives not only provide seamless scheduling capabilities but also offer additional perks and benefits to enhance your scheduling experience.

Whether you're looking for a comprehensive solution that integrates with other tools or a user-friendly option that simplifies the scheduling process, these alternatives have you covered. Say goodbye to email chains, missed meetings, and confusion, and embrace a more efficient and effective way to plan your meetings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the best Doodle alternatives for scheduling meetings in 2024
  • Explore alternatives with enhanced functionality and features
  • Improve productivity and collaboration with efficient scheduling
  • Choose from a range of options based on your specific needs and preferences
  • Stay on top of your schedule and never miss an important meeting again

Exploring the Need for Doodle Alternatives in Modern Scheduling

In today's modern online and appointment scheduling landscape, businesses are increasingly searching for alternatives to Doodle. The demands of scheduling have evolved, requiring more than just a tool to find meeting times. As a result, businesses are seeking robust scheduling software that offers advanced features to streamline the process and enhance productivity.

The need for doodle alternatives arises from the limitations of traditional scheduling methods. Manual scheduling processes can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and lack the ability to integrate with other tools and systems. To keep up with the fast-paced business world, organizations require scheduling software that can automate the process, increase efficiency, and provide a seamless experience for both organizers and participants.

Modern scheduling software allows businesses to:

  • Efficiently Schedule meetings or poll invitees through this tool, appointments, and events
  • Automate reminders and notifications
  • Sync calendars across multiple devices
  • Integrate with popular tools like email clients, project management software, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems

By embracing innovative scheduling solutions like online scheduling, businesses can optimize their time management, adjust to various time zones, and focus on what matters most - achieving their goals.

As the scheduling landscape evolves, it is essential for businesses to adapt and explore alternatives to Doodle. Traditional methods no longer meet the demands of modern scheduling, and businesses need robust scheduling software to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

In the next section, we will dive deeper into the rise of scheduling software and explore the evolution of these tools beyond Doodle. We will examine the reasons why businesses seek more than just meeting times from scheduling software and identify the key features that make a scheduling tool stand out in the current market.

The Rise of Scheduling Tools: Beyond Doodle

In the ever-evolving landscape of scheduling, businesses and individuals have come to realize the limitations of traditional methods. Meeting times are no longer the sole focus; there is a growing need for scheduling tools that go beyond basic functionality. As a result, the rise of scheduling tools has revolutionized the way meetings and appointments are managed.

A Deeper Look at Scheduling Software Evolution

Scheduling software has undergone a remarkable evolution over the years, adapting to the changing needs and demands of businesses. From simple calendar-based tools to sophisticated applications, scheduling software has made significant strides in streamlining the entire process. The evolution of scheduling software has paved the way for more efficient and effective alternatives to Doodle.

Why Businesses Seek More than Just Meeting Times

Organizations today require scheduling tools that can do more than simply identify available time slots. Integration and customization are now crucial factors for businesses seeking scheduling solutions. The ability to seamlessly integrate with other software and platforms, such as CRMs and email clients, is essential for optimizing workflows. Additionally, customization options allow businesses to tailor the scheduling process to their specific needs, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Key Features That Make a Scheduling Tool Stand Out

When evaluating scheduling tools, certain key features set them apart from the competition. Advanced features like automated reminders, calendar syncing, timezone detection, and team availability management provide users with enhanced functionality and convenience. Additionally, the ability to generate comprehensive reports and analytics empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their scheduling processes, such as appointment scheduling and online scheduling.

integration scheduling

Integration and Customization: The Deal-Breakers in Scheduling Software

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient scheduling is crucial for maximizing productivity and ensuring smooth operations. When choosing a scheduling software, integration and customization are the deal-breakers that businesses consider to streamline their workflows.

Integration refers to the ability of the scheduling software to seamlessly connect with other essential tools that businesses use daily. It allows for effortless data transfer and synchronization, eliminating the need for manual input and minimizing errors. By integrating scheduling software with other systems such as project management, customer relationship management, and communication tools, businesses can centralize their operations and enhance collaboration among teams.

Customization plays a vital role in tailoring the scheduling software to meet specific business requirements. Each organization has its unique scheduling needs, and having the flexibility to customize the software, including the booking page and other scheduling features, enables businesses to adapt it to their workflows and preferences. Customization options can include branding, personalized notifications, custom fields, and the ability to create different types of appointments or meetings.

The demand for integration and customization in scheduling software arises from the need for efficiency and accuracy. By seamlessly integrating scheduling software with other tools, businesses can ensure that all relevant information is accessible in one place, reducing the time spent switching between applications and minimizing the risk of errors. Furthermore, customization empowers businesses to tailor the software to their specific workflows, ensuring a more user-friendly and intuitive experience.

Integration and customization are the crucial factors that businesses consider when choosing a scheduling tool. The ability to integrate with other essential software and customize the scheduling experience to match their specific needs allows businesses to optimize their scheduling processes and maximize productivity. By investing in scheduling software that offers robust integration capabilities and comprehensive customization options, businesses can streamline their workflows and achieve efficiency in their daily operations.

Breaking Down the Best Doodle Alternatives

In this section, we will break down the top 12 Doodle alternatives in 2024. These alternatives offer similar functionality to Doodle, but also provide additional features and benefits that make them stand out. Let's explore each alternative in detail:

meetergo: Best Newcomer & GDPR compliant

meetergo is an innovative newcomer in the scheduling software market. It not only simplifies the process of scheduling meetings but is also GDPR compliant, ensuring the protection of sensitive data. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, meetergo is quickly gaining popularity as a reliable alternative to Doodle.

Trafft: Blending Metrics with Booking

Trafft is a scheduling tool that goes beyond just booking meetings. It offers powerful analytics and metrics that help businesses gain insights into their scheduling efficiency. With Trafft, you can optimize your schedule, reduce no-shows, and improve overall productivity.

Amelia: WordPress and Beyond

Amelia is a versatile scheduling solution designed for WordPress and beyond. It seamlessly integrates with your website or online store, allowing customers to easily book appointments or services. With its intuitive interface and customizable options, Amelia is a great alternative to Doodle for businesses of all sizes.

Calendly: Seamless Calendar Syncing

Calendly is a popular scheduling tool known for its seamless calendar syncing capabilities. It allows you to connect multiple calendars and automatically find the best meeting times based on availability. With Calendly, scheduling becomes effortless and time-saving.

Book More Meetings with Free Meeting Scheduler | HubSpot

HubSpot Meeting Scheduler: CRM Meets Scheduling

HubSpot Meeting Scheduler combines the power of CRM with scheduling functionality. It seamlessly integrates with your HubSpot CRM, allowing you to schedule meetings directly from your contact records. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, HubSpot Meeting Scheduler is an excellent alternative to Doodle for businesses using HubSpot.

7 more Alternatives to Doodle

In addition to the alternatives mentioned above, there are seven more Doodle alternatives worth considering. These include SuperSaas, Chili Piper,, Oncehub, MS Bookings, Google Calendar and Acuity Scheduling. Each of these alternatives offers unique features and benefits that cater to different scheduling needs.

Now that we have explored these top Doodle alternatives, it's time to move on to the next section where we will analyze the cost and value of free and paid features offered by these competitors.

Cost Analysis: Free Plans and Paid Perks of Doodle Competitors

In this section, we will analyze the cost of Doodle alternatives and explore the differences between their free plans and paid perks. When considering scheduling tools, it is important to assess the value that these options provide and how they can impact your overall scheduling experience.


What are the top 12 best Doodle alternatives in 2024 for scheduling meetings?

The top 12 best Doodle alternatives for scheduling meetings in 2024 include meetergo, Zoom, Chili Piper, Google Calendar, Setmore, and more.

Are there any free alternatives to Doodle for scheduling meetings?

Yes, there are free alternatives to Doodle such as Setmore, Google Calendar, and online scheduling tools that offer free versions.

Can I schedule different types of meetings using these alternatives?

Yes, these alternatives in 2024 offer scheduling solutions for various meeting types including group meetings, online appointments, and booking links.

Do any of these alternatives offer easy scheduling options to avoid back-and-forth emails?

Yes, many of these alternatives provide easy scheduling features to streamline the appointment booking process and eliminate the need for constant email exchanges.

Are there any competitors to Doodle in 2024 that offer similar functionalities?

Yes, there are competitors to Doodle in 2024 that offer similar scheduling capabilities such as meetergo, Setmore, Chili Piper, and other online scheduling platforms.

Can I integrate these alternatives with platforms like Google Meet or Office 365?

Yes, many of these alternatives offer integrations with popular platforms like Google Meet, Office 365, Zoom, and other tools to enhance the scheduling experience.

Is there a free trial available for any of these scheduling solutions?

Some of these alternatives may offer a free trial period for users to test out the features before committing to a subscription plan.


After exploring the top 12 Doodle alternatives for scheduling meetings in 2024, it is clear that businesses have a range of options to choose from. Each alternative offers unique features and capabilities to streamline the scheduling process.

From the best newcomer, meetergo, to the comprehensive WordPress plugin, Amelia, and the seamless calendar syncing of Calendly, these alternatives are designed to meet different needs and preferences. Furthermore, Trafft stands out by blending metrics with booking, while HubSpot Meeting Scheduler brings the power of CRM to scheduling.

When considering the best Doodle alternative for your business, it is crucial to assess integration, customization, and pricing models. Integration and customization capabilities can greatly enhance efficiency and streamline workflows, while the value of free versus paid features should be carefully evaluated. Ultimately, the right scheduling tool should align with individual requirements and deliver a seamless user experience.

By choosing one of these top Doodle alternatives, businesses can take their scheduling to the next level and improve overall productivity. Remember, each tool offers its own strengths and benefits, so it's essential to find the one that suits your specific needs. Whether you're a small team or a large organization, these alternatives provide the functionality and scalability required for successful meeting scheduling in 2024.

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