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CalendarBridge: My test in 2024 including alternatives & features

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Ever felt stressed when juggling Outlook and Google calendars? We know the feeling of double bookings and missed meetings. Calendarbridge changes the game for people like me, handling several calendars daily.

This tool syncs all your calendars instantly, making our calendar management smooth. No need to worry about missing an important event anymore.

Syncing calendars manually is not only slow but super complex. It can take over 24 hours and up to 13 steps to sync calendars. Think of the hassle when managing numerous work calendars.

Calendarbridge makes it simple by syncing up to 8 calendars at once. This simplifies complex calendar management for many users.

Sharing calendar events for syncing purposes can be a pain. The wait for updates or the risk of double bookings is real.

Calendarbridge beats these issues with instant sync, perfect for Microsoft 365 users. Its bidirectional sync reduces conflicts and keeps everyone on the same page.

For leaders who need flexibility and work multiple roles, Calendarbridge is a must-have. It ensures they stay on top of things without the chaos of several calendars.

Interim leaders especially benefit from its streamlined calendar management. They can focus on the job at hand without the headache of scattered calendars.

Key Takeaways

  • Calendarbridge facilitates real-time sync between Outlook and Google calendars.
  • Manual syncing can take over 24 hours and involves complex processes.
  • Syncing issues can lead to double bookings and scheduling conflicts.
  • Fractional leaders and interim managers benefit significantly from Calendarbridge.
  • The tool reduces administrative burdens and simplifies calendar management across organizations.

Introduction to Calendarbridge

Calendarbridge is a dynamic tool that links multiple calendar platforms seamlessly. It has great reviews, making it a must-have for syncing calendars across different organizations. You can use it for work or personal calendars. Using Calendarbridge makes managing events between accounts easy.

It is ideal for those handling various company calendars, especially if you work for more than one company. It syncs with Outlook or Google, allowing Microsoft or Google accounts to work together smoothly.

A top feature in calendarbridge reviews is its automatic update capability. This means you don't have to copy events manually. Calendarbridge syncs all your calendars in real-time, preventing double bookings and helping you maintain your schedule.

Users must be of legal age to form a binding contract and provide an email for their CalendarBridge User ID. The platform may contain connections to third-party websites; they are not responsible for the content or practices of these external sites.

How Calendarbridge Works

Calendarbridge is a high-tech tool that syncs many calendars together automatically. It uses Microsoft Power Automate for this. With it, you can make sure different events on various calendars don't overlap. This way, you can use just one calendar but keep your schedule in many places up to date.

What is Calendarbridge?

This tool is made for anyone with a lot of calendars, especially those using Microsoft 365 or Office 365. It makes it easy to keep track of all your events. No matter if you have Google or Microsoft calendars, Calendarbridge links them all. This gives you a smooth way to handle all your appointments.

Setting Up Calendarbridge

To start on Calendarbridge, you pick how often it syncs and adjust event names to fit your needs. This lets your calendar always show when you're available. By doing this automatically, it takes away the trouble of updating by hand. So, your calendar is always right on time.

Key Features of Calendarbridge

Calendarbridge has great features to help with your calendars. It gives you:

  • Real-time updates
  • Full compatibility across platforms
  • Simple to manage

But, there are other options like OneCal, which can sync all your calendars at once easily. OneCal is quicker, handling big amounts of events in just a few minutes.

There's also SyncGene, Reclaim AI, and SyncThemCalendars, each with different extras and prices. Looking into these might find a better fit for you or your team. They work well for managing lots of Google or Microsoft calendars.

My Testing Experience with Calendarbridge

Calendarbridge has really improved how we sync many calendar platforms. It brings together Office 365, Google Workspace, Outlook, and Gmail. This makes life easier for those juggling many schedules.

Initial Setup and Configuration

The first steps with Calendarbridge were about linking calendars from Outlook and Google. This setup even mixed emails from different places into one. It claimed to do everything in just five minutes, which is fast and easy.

Performance and Reliability

Once we started using Calendarbridge, it kept everything up to date in real-time. It worked smoothly with all the different calendars. This meant no more double bookings, which is essential for keeping on top of things.

Pros and Cons

Calendarbridge has many good points. One of them is it sets up with your calendar quickly. It works with a range of Office 365 and Google schedules, making it very flexible.

  • Pros:
    • Effortless integration with multiple calendar systems.
    • Real-time updates ensuring accurate scheduling.
    • Reduction in administrative overhead through automated sync.
    • Customizable sharing options, including delegation and direct access methods.

But, there were a few drawbacks:

  • Cons:
    • Initial setup can be a bit technical.
    • Troubleshooting might be needed with big recipient lists.
    • The starting price could be high for small groups.

Still, its overall performance and how easy it is to use puts Calendarbridge among the top choices for calendar syncing.

Best CalendarBridge Alternatives 2024

Searching for excellent CalendarBridge alternatives? You have several options with unique features and benefits. Alternatives like Meetergo, OneCal and Microsoft Power Automate offer different ways to sync calendars. Some may prefer manual syncing, depending on their needs.


Meetergo stands out as the best alternative to CalendarBridge, offering robust features and benefits that cater to modern scheduling needs. Unlike CalendarBridge, which requires separate configurations for each connection, Meetergo synchronizes multiple calendars with a single setting, saving you time and effort. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to manage calendars across all your Google, Office 365, and iCloud accounts. Additionally, Meetergo ensures GDPR compliance, providing peace of mind for users concerned about data privacy.

With Meetergo, you can easily share your calendar, sync events across different platforms, and create Google Meet or Zoom meetings directly from the app. The real-time synchronization ensures you are never double booked and always have an accurate view of your schedule. Whether you're using Microsoft Outlook, Google Workspace, or other calendar sources, Meetergo integrates seamlessly, making it the ultimate tool for productivity and collaboration. Users who have switched to Meetergo report being free from scheduling conflicts within minutes, highlighting its efficiency and reliability as a calendar management solution.


OneCal shines with advanced settings. It lets users exclude events by color and sync free events easily. Its powerful platform can sync thousands of events within five minutes. With prices ranging from $4 to $25 per user monthly, it's a great budget-friendly choice compared to CalendarBridge.

Power Automate

Power Automate is designed by Microsoft, offering a flow-based solution. It's perfect for those who know and like Microsoft's automation tools. This option provides excellent control over syncing, working smoothly with Microsoft Outlook calendars. It's great for anyone managing complicated calendar situations.

Manual Syncing Methods

If you choose manual syncing, you'd export and import calendar data between different platforms. This method might take longer and doesn't sync in real-time. Yet, it provides a direct way for users wanting precise control over their calendars. For people not needing constant updates, manual syncing is a helpful choice.

Benefits of Using Calendarbridge

Calendarbridge is perfect for anyone seeking a top-notch, intelligent calendar system. It excels at preventing scheduling clashes. It merges your various calendars into one shared one. This way, it's easy to schedule meetings without worries. It makes sure that seeing a busy time in one calendar means that time is off elsewhere.

This online tool really shines by keeping updates live for all your work and personal accounts. It works smoothly with Office 365,, Gmail, and Gsuite. This means less time spent on calendar management. It also gives you a clearer picture of your day without all the hassle.

Also, Calendarbridge makes handling different types of calendars, like for bosses and admins, a breeze. This efficient handling improves everyone's time management. It makes it easier to pick a meeting time everyone can agree on.

Compared to apps like OneCal, Calendarbridge is a solid contender. It offers great integration and immediate updates. These features are key for anyone looking for a trusted, collaborative calendar. It helps keep work and life time organized and efficient.

Using a tool like Calendarbridge is great for managing both work and personal schedules. It syncs all your events, cutting down on confusion. This makes handling your time more tidy and stress-free.

Common Issues and Their Solutions

Often, people face common sync problems with calendar sync. Mainly, they see delays or failures in updating calendar events you create on different gadgets. Fixing these needs good troubleshooting and tech help.

Common Sync Problems

Problems that happen a lot include:

  • Delays in showing calendar events you create on all your synced calendars.
  • Sync cycles might not finish, leading to missed updates.
  • There can be clashes if you change things on various calendars at once.

First, make sure your software is always up to date to stop many problems. Also, Calendarbridge has guides to help you with sync issues.

Technical Support and Resources

Calendarbridge gives lots of help for sync problems. They offer:

  1. Guides that take you through fixing sync problems step by step.
  2. Steps to start the sync again, which might fix not updating issues.
  3. Direct help for the tough, weird sync problems.

For more help, you can check community forums and Calendarbridge's help. These give tips and solutions. They make fixing sync problems easier and faster.

With these tech supports and guides, using Calendarbridge will be smoother. You’ll have a better time solving and avoiding sync issues.

reviews Calendarbridge

User Reviews and Feedback

Calendarbridge has got a mix of calendarbridge reviews from its users. Many like its live syncing and strong calendar tools. Most user reviews talk about how easy it is to handle several calendars from Google and Microsoft accounts. They also mention how having all calendars together in one view is very helpful.

Customer Reviews

Positive user reviews highlight the simple setup and how it helps avoid scheduling issues. Users mention it's great for stopping double bookings. Yet, a few find the setup a bit hard at first, especially if they're not tech-savvy. But, they say it's worth it because it makes calendar management much easier.

Expert Opinions

Expert opinions on Calendarbridge praise its fresh take on productivity challenges. They like how it syncs calendars in real time across different platforms like Google and Microsoft. Analysts also commend its free, unlimited licensing for feedback, which boosts community help. They agree it's a great tool for managing all your calendars, even if you need to link third-party accounts.

Overall, both user reviews and expert opinions say that Calendarbridge is great for getting the most out of your calendars. It's good for both personal and professional needs. Its real-time syncing and special features are what make it stand out in modern calendar management.


What is CalendarBridge?

CalendarBridge is a platform that helps you sync multiple calendars across various sources, like Google, iCloud, and Office 365, into one master calendar.

How does CalendarBridge work?

CalendarBridge syncs all your calendars across different platforms, allowing you to view and manage all your events in one centralized location.

Why should I use CalendarBridge?

CalendarBridge is helpful if you find yourself double-booked often or if you want to sync all your calendars to avoid missing important events.

Are there any alternatives to CalendarBridge?

Yes, some of the best alternatives to CalendarBridge include tools like Outlook, FindTime, and similar calendar sync services.

Can I sync my Google Calendar with CalendarBridge?

Yes, CalendarBridge allows you to sync your Google Calendar along with other calendar sources you want to include.

How can I avoid being double-booked with CalendarBridge?

By syncing all your calendars with CalendarBridge, you can ensure that any events added to your calendar are automatically checked for conflicts to avoid being double-booked.

Have there been any recent updates to CalendarBridge?

CalendarBridge recently introduced new features to enhance calendar syncing and scheduling capabilities for users.


Calendarbridge is a great way to sync your calendars, making it super useful for both people and groups. It simplifies scheduling, making calendar management a breeze. It stops you from booking two things at once and helps you handle time better.

There are other tools out there besides Calendarbridge, like OneCal and Microsoft Power Automate. These choices offer some great options based on what you need. But, many people think Calendarbridge's unique features are worth choosing it for making schedules easier.

Looking forward, calendar tech is going to get even better in 2024 and stay strong. Calendarbridge will keep updating to help with more challenging scheduling problems. This means it will always be there to boost how much you get done and keep your calendars working together smoothly.

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