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Calendar Sync Made Easy: Google Calendar and Outlook

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Do you know that Sync2 has a super high average rating? It's 4.9 out of 5, based on over 6,835 reviews. This shows how key it is to sync Google Calendar and Outlook smoothly.

In today's quick world, managing your calendar well is key. This is especially true for pros who don't want to miss out or double book.

Syncing lets users bring together their personal and work schedules. This means they see everything in one place, across all their devices. For example, you can use your iPhone or a Windows PC.

This goes beyond just being handy. It boosts how much you get done. You get updates in real time and you don't have to sync things by hand.

In our guide, we'll show you how to sync Google Calendar and Outlook perfectly. We'll talk about how to fix common problems, the best ways to sync for different needs, and the top tools. This was all updated on May 28, 2024.

It makes organizing events across different platforms really simple. So, whether you're syncing from Google to Outlook or the other way around, it's easy.

Key Takeaways

  • Sync2 offers simple and automatic syncing without duplicates.
  • Users can synchronize Outlook Calendar folders with Google Accounts using different settings for each profile.
  • Sync2 supports one-way synchronization for data loss prevention.
  • Access your synced calendars on various platforms including Mac, Windows, Web, iPhone, and Android devices.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers leverage Sync2 for seamless calendar management.

How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar on Various Platforms

Syncing Google and Outlook Calendars can be tricky but is vital for good time management. It lets you keep track of your schedule across all your gadgets. This way, you won't forget any important dates or meetings.

Syncing on Mac

Here's how to sync these calendars on a Mac:

  1. First, open the Google Calendar app and click on Settings.
  2. Then, choose the calendar you want and get the iCal URL.
  3. In Outlook, follow this path: File > Account Settings > Internet Calendars. Then, paste the iCal URL.
  4. Finish the process to enjoy real-time updates on all your devices.

Syncing on Windows

If you’re on a Windows system, syncing your calendars is pretty straightforward:

  1. Begin by opening Outlook and go to File > Account Settings.
  2. Choose New under Internet Calendars and paste the Google iCal URL.
  3. To wrap it up, click Add and then check your main calendar view.

Syncing on Web

Web platforms make syncing calendars easy:

  1. Log in to Google Calendar and Outlook on your browser.
  2. Next, find the iCal link in your Google Calendar settings.
  3. In Outlook Web App, use this link to import your calendar.
  4. Following these steps ensures all your events sync across platforms.

Syncing on iPhone

For iPhone users, syncing calendars is done like this:

  • Start by opening the Settings app and go to Accounts & Passwords.
  • Select Add Account and pick Google from the list.
  • Enter your Google account details to sync your calendar.
  • Confirm everything to make sure your calendars are in sync.

Syncing on Android

Android users, here’s how to sync your calendar:

  • Go to Settings and then Accounts on your device.
  • Add a new Google account and sign in.
  • Turn on calendar syncing to connect your Google Calendar to your device.
  • Now, your calendars will stay updated in real-time.

Additional Tips

Regularly check your calendar settings to ensure smooth syncing. Use tools like Easynote’s Meeting Management App for easier calendar synchronization. This is great for students, project managers, and business owners. Finally, always remember to sync your calendar to stay on top of your schedule.

Sync your Calendar with meetergo

Syncing your calendar with meetergo is the best method for maintaining seamless and efficient coordination between your Outlook and Google calendars. Whether you need to sync your Outlook work calendar with your Google personal calendar or manage multiple calendars across different platforms, meetergo simplifies the entire process. Unlike other tools, meetergo offers real-time two-way calendar sync, ensuring that events you created or updated are consistently reflected across all your calendars. This eliminates the common problem where changes in one calendar aren't showing in another.

Meetergo supports calendar integration for various providers, including Office 365, Google Workspace, and third-party calendars, allowing you to manage your calendar data securely and access it at any time from any device. With features like real-time synchronization and native support for both Android phones and computers, meetergo ensures that your availability is always up-to-date across all platforms. The calendar API allows for easy setup and customization, making it simple to sync your calendars across multiple devices and email accounts.

Whether you are dealing with a primary calendar, office calendar, or multiple Outlook calendars, meetergo has got you covered. Its multi-calendar sync capability ensures that you can manage all your schedules in one place, avoiding the complications that often arise from handling different calendars separately. By providing a reliable and consistent sync setup, meetergo enhances your productivity and keeps your scheduling process hassle-free. So, if you need to sync your Outlook and Google calendars or any other calendar setup, meetergo is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Troubleshooting Syncing Issues

Synchronizing calendars can be tricky, leading to several hurdles. These can range from typical sync errors to having the same event twice. And, keeping everything updated in real time is vital. We'll look at common problems and how to fix them in this guide.

Fixing Common Sync Problems

Sync issues often start with mixed-up settings or bad connections. Google Calendar, for instance, only syncs past events within a year. This can make older events not show up. It's important to also keep an eye on your device's storage. If storage gets too full, your calendar might stop syncing. To fix these:

  • Check if syncing is turned on properly and be patient for the events to appear.
  • Remove Calendar app data wisely, since unsaved data might go.
  • Always follow instructions for your specific device. This is especially true when using Apple Calendar or Outlook.

Managing Duplicate Events

Seeing the same event more than once can mess up your plans. This usually happens when there are multiple syncing points or incorrect syncs:

  • Consistently look out for and delete extra calendar events. This keeps your calendar clear.
  • Opt for sync tools that automatically spot and remove copies of events.
  • Review your syncing setups on all devices to prevent duplication.

Ensuring Real-Time Updates

Having your calendar update live on all your devices is critical. It stops you from overbooking and makes everything smoother. For precise real-time syncing:

  • Always make sure your account passwords are correct. Wrong passwords can block the sync.
  • Note that two-factor authentication can be a hurdle with Windows Mail and Calendar. In this case, generate an app password.
  • Choose tools with great sync abilities to keep all your data real-time, without hassle.

By focusing on these areas, you can get your calendar running smoothly. With the right steps, your schedule will be spot-on on every platform.

choosing the right sync method

Choosing the Right Sync Method

Choosing the right sync method for your calendars is key. You might need a one-way or two-way sync depending on your needs. The choice affects how often your calendars update and if you need to do it by hand or not.

One-Way Sync

With a one-way sync, data moves from one source to another. But, you won't get updates going back. This is great for sharing your calendar but not wanting others to make changes. For instance, a manager can let team members view their schedule without fearing changes. It keeps the control of updates in your hands.

Two-Way Sync

Bi-directional sync, or two-way sync, means both calendars update each other. This boosts teamwork and makes sure everyone has the latest. It's perfect for managing different types of schedules and prevents mistakes like double booking. It keeps all calendars on the same page.

Manual vs. Automatic Sync

You'll need to pick between manual and automatic sync. Manual means you start updates yourself. It's good if you want specific control over what gets updated.

On the other hand, automatic sync updates your calendars without you having to do anything. It keeps your schedules on all your devices current without effort. This suits people with busy lives, as their calendars stay updated without them lifting a finger.

Best Calendar Sync Tools for Google Calendar and Outlook

Syncing Google Calendar and Outlook is easy with the right calendar sync tools. These tools cater to different user needs with their seamless integration. We explore top solutions, highlighting their features and performance.


Meetergo is a standout choice for syncing Google Calendar and Outlook. It can synchronize multiple calendars, offering both one-way and two-way syncs, making it ideal for users seeking flexible synchronization.

Meetergo allows users to choose custom date ranges for syncing events, and they can set up synchronization profiles that fit their needs. Additionally, meetergo supports calendar sharing within teams, enhancing collaboration. With real-time updates and seamless integration across various platforms, meetergo ensures that your calendar data is always accurate and up-to-date, providing a smooth and efficient scheduling experience.

Sync2 Overview and Features

Sync2 is a standout choice for syncing Google Calendar and Outlook. It can synchronize multiple calendars, offering both one-way and two-way syncs. This makes it great for users who want flexible synchronization.

Sync2 also lets users choose custom date ranges for syncing events. They can set up synchronization profiles that fit their needs. Plus, it allows calendar sharing within teams, boosting collaboration.

Using Yesware for Calendar Management

Yesware is well-known for making calendar management easy in Gmail and Outlook. It smoothly integrates with email, letting users schedule meetings from their email. Its meeting scheduler automates booking, preventing double bookings in shared calendars.

Comparing Different Sync Solutions

Comparing sync solutions requires looking at user preferences and needs. Key points to consider include:

  • Calendar Sync and Outlook Google Calendar Sync are great for keeping default and extra Outlook calendars synced with Google Calendar.
  • Microsoft Power Automate boasts over 300 connectors for syncing and automating tasks, ensuring connectivity with the cloud.
  • G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook is perfect for Google Apps teams, integrating G Suite calendars with Outlook for seamless collaboration.

Each calendar sync tool comes with its unique benefits. Solutions like Sync2 and Yesware allow for effective syncing of multiple calendars. They help in managing scheduling conflicts and ensure a smooth Google Calendar and Outlook sync. Whether using the advanced features of Sync2 or the convenience of Yesware for automated meeting bookings, users get powerful tools for calendar management.


Time management is vital today, especially for busy professionals. Using Google Calendar and Outlook together helps avoid booking conflicts. This method improves both personal and work schedules.

Guidance is given for setting up sync on different devices, like macOS or Android. This ensures everything works smoothly, with tips available to fix any issues. Managing calendars this way leads to a more organized life.

Choosing the best sync method, like one-way or manual, is important. Tools such as Sync2 and Yesware make syncing secure and easy. This technology saves time and boosts productivity.

Syncing calendars is proven to help. 92% of users see better organization, and 85% avoid scheduling problems. It also makes working together smoother, with 65% sharing their schedules. In the end, syncing Google Calendar with Outlook is a smart move for a more efficient and productive life.

Imagine Calendly + Typeform had a Baby
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