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More revenue as a freelancer through automated scheduling

Dominik Rapacki
CEO @meetergo
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Imagine Calendly + Typeform had a Baby
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You have been working as a freelancer or self-employed for several years? You appreciate your independent workflow and the freedom to organize your work, but you lack planning security and your revenue depends on new projects? We will show you how to increase your turnover in a predictable way without cold calling and expensive marketing measures. With automated processes, you can generate additional revenue every quarter without having to acquire new customers. For this you need a well thought-out strategy tailored to your business. By integrating the Calendly alternative from meetergo into your workflow and applying the following strategy, your revenue will increase without much effort on your part.

Let's assume you work as a freelancer in web design. Your clients are companies or freelancers for whom you create websites. Of course, you can let the completed projects rest, but you can continue your work with automated processes and thus easily build up existing customers. Your professional approach not only ensures predictable turnover, but also an excellent impact on customers. They are convinced of your service and recommend you to colleagues, acquaintances and related companies.

Step 1: Create customer list

The first step is to make a list of all your customers. And by that we mean ALL of them. List past projects, websites that have been completed for a while, and recently completed services. This way you have an overview of what you have done for which clients and can offer them related services in the next step.

Step 2: Define a simple service

Now think about a service that is the same for every customer and requires little effort on your part. In the field of web design here are some examples:

  • Cookie banner and DSGVO compliant data processing (applicable since 25.05.2018)
  • Maintenance and updates on the website for timeliness
  • SEO measures to improve the fallen ranking.

Regulations on data processing, the privacy of website visitors and the parameters with which Google rates websites are constantly changing. Especially in the field of internet marketing, you can quickly find services that offer your customers added value, but cost you very little time.

Step 3: Generate more sales with the help of meetergo

Send all your customers an email inviting them to a free consultation on meetergo. Your initiative suggests to your customers that you care about their website and that you always keep an eye on their website's performance. This can look like this, for example:

"Dear Mr. Sample Man,

last year I created your website and I am glad that you are satisfied with your internet presence.

In recent months, a new version of the system WordPress, on which your website runs, has been released. This version has many innovations that close previously existing security gaps. Some of my clients have already experienced problems due to these gaps. I would like to offer you to show you how to update your website to the latest version in a 15-minute conversation. This way you will get back to a professional web presence with secure data processing in just a few steps.

Feel free to use the link below to select a time that works for you, where we can talk via video conference about the steps you need to take."

Your customers register in your appointment calendar via your personal appointment booking, the payment is processed directly and you have generated sales without expensive marketing measures and great effort. Your customers are enthusiastic about your service and become convinced existing customers who recommend you to others. This way you generate more revenue from your existing customers alone and keep your business as a freelancer going. Without cold calling, without recruiting new customers and without additional effort.

Of course, this strategy can be applied to a wide variety of industries and services. Just sit down for 60 minutes, think of a service that is universally applicable and send a link to your online appointment planner from meetergo to all your customers.

Imagine Calendly + Typeform had a Baby
Your New Secret Weapon is Here!

See the Magic ✨

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