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How schools are using meetergo

Quickly & easily schedule appointments for office hours, parent meetings and more.
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"meetergo should be used by every company."
rené petry
René Petry
CEO @sichtbar AG
"It has become clear that meetergo has many more advantages."
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Michael Paul
Founder @jobeffect
"Now I can create appointments for the team myself, and then simply add specific employees to them."
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Roman Laufenberg
Product Owner @RLE International

Possible Use Cases

70% faster planning
Learn how to effectively manage office hours in school/university and enhance communication with your students. Discover strategies for efficient scheduling, organizing, and improving the exchange with your students.
67% easier management
Discover how you can facilitate smooth communication and enhance the exchange with parents of your students. Learn how to conveniently schedule and coordinate appointments using software, enabling effective parent-teacher communication.
3x faster scheduling
Offer a professional counseling service and assist students in making the right choice for their academic path and successfully starting their academic journey.
24-45 fewer emails for >7 participants
meetergo offers you a simple and efficient way to create appointment polls. You can set up different time options, and your participants can select their preferred appointments.
2x more on-site appointments
Do you want to simplify the booking of on-site appointments for your business? Then this video is just right for you! Learn how you can effortlessly book on-site appointments for your customers using meetergo.
3-7 fewer emails
Would you like to easily share your availability via email? Then this video is just perfect for you! Learn how you can efficiently manage your availability and conveniently share it with others via email using meetergo.
98% show rate
Do you want to make sure you don't miss any important appointments or follow-ups? In this video, you'll learn how to use reminders and follow-ups to stay organized and provide excellent customer service.
3x mehr Terminbuchungen
Watch this video to see how easy it is to integrate meetergo into your website and automate your booking processes. Don't miss the chance to satisfy your customers and make your business successful.
3x faster networking
Experience in this video how you can leave a lasting impression with a digital business card. Create your digital business card today to present yourself professionally and go paperless.
5-10% meeting booked rate
Do you want to maximize the potential of your email campaigns and lead customers directly to appointment booking? In this video, you will learn how to effortlessly integrate appointment bookings into your email campaigns using MeeterGo.

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